Video: Leatt Announces 2020 Women's Line with Martha Gill & Telma Torregrosa

Nov 7, 2019
by Sarah Moore  


We are launching the all-new Twenty/Twenty Women's MTB gear collection. This range of women’s specific apparel is based on comfort and durability, two things that help enhance performance.

Designed specifically to suit the needs of female riders, whether it be rough enduro trials or fast dusty trails, these jackets, jerseys, shorts and gloves will keep you cool, calm and comfortable, letting you focus and enjoy the ride.


This windproof jacket is made from a four-way stretch material with a breathable membrane for a comfortable, tailored fit. It also has a dirt, water and stain resistant fabric coating, so you stay clean and dry – even in challenging weather conditions, while the new X-Flow mesh inner lining keeps you cool at the same time. The hood has an over the helmet fit, keeping you dry, warm and safe. The magnetic hood system, unique to Leatt outerwear, keeps the hood securely fixed on the helmet when riding and prevents the hood from flapping around when folded. The jacket also folds into its own chest pocket for convenient storage.


This casual long-sleeved bicycle jersey is lightweight, stretchy and breathable – perfect for multiple weather conditions and riding purposes. It has a unique cotton - feel and overlock stitched seams for premium comfort. The jersey is designed for use with or without a neck brace or body armor.


This casual t-sleeved bicycle jersey is tailored for women, and offers all the coolness of a casual t-shirt hidden in a technical bicycle jersey. Made from a soft, comfortable cotton-feel material that is lightweight, breathable and stretchy, keeping you cool on the hottest days. Overlock stitched seams allow for added comfort. The jersey is designed for use with or without a neck brace or body armor.


These ultra-lightweight bicycle shorts are pre-curved and tailored to fit women perfectly, offering premium comfort and durability. A dirt, water and stain resistant fabric coating keeps you dry and clean, while laser cut ventilation keeps you cool. Reversed zippers and multi-row reinforced stitching offer superior durability. You can ride in comfort all day long with a soft touch waist lining and seamless seat panel.


Leatt’s first non-impact bicycle gloves for women are tailored, ultra-light, very durable and fit like a second skin. They also feature a seamless pre-curved MicronGrip palm for excellent wet and dry grip. These super slim gloves allow for a superior handlebar feel and have new vented, lite four-way stretch uppers for a better fit and breathability


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 Yippee. More jerseys and shorts in teal and purple. Just what we wanted. How about some more protective gear built and tested on women? Maybe a women’s chest protector that doesn’t have pink in it? DH pants? Having a women’s line featuring all the same crap every other company has is basically a participation medal at this point. Thanks but no thanks.
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 Teal and purple is the new pastel
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 @CantQuitCartel: Nah, it’s the new “shrink it and pink it”.
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 You dont like them? I'd wear those colours. For guys we get black and rich earth and leather tones or graphic prints of skulls and doobies
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 @paulskibum: I’d love some earth colors and black! Maybe we can switch.. seems that that is more at the fault of the weird gendering of colors. The Leatt line is fine. In fact it looks like every other jewel-toned, slim fitting women’s line out there. The problem is, we don’t need more clothing. We need protective gear that fits and is tested by women. Something that I would expect a company like Leatt to provide. I’d like to stop stuffing myself into the same chest protector as 10 year old boys, and maybe have some DH pants that don’t keep falling down in the lift line.
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 @Chelseyborodine: have u checked out roost protectors for dirt bikes? there are at least a couple brands that make women specific. they go on the outside of the jersey, tho. and usually don't cover the whole spine.
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 @savagelake: I have but as you said, they don’t cover the spine and they’re not certified. I’d rather wear something that protects mtb falls, not just “roosts”. However, that there are roost guards for women, notably foxes, makes me hopeful that women’s mtb chest and spine protectors will be more ubiquitous.
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 @Chelseyborodine: i can attest that roost guards still help with impacts against handlebars and the ground Smile

i have some hardware in my spine, and that is mostly what i wear a roost protector for. covers down to about L2ish,i think. good luck!
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 @savagelake: Perhaps, but that’s not it’s purpose. They also have no CE rating. I’d rather a certified chest protector that’s actually meant to protect spine and chest from crashes.
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 Good job leatt this is a step in the right direction. That said you guys really need to make some womens specific protection my wife doesnt fit in any of your chest protectors or protective jackets! maybe make a smaller mens size? but yall need to step up to the plate on that one cuz your protection is by far the best! you just fall short on sizing!
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 YES I agree!
Chest/shoulder/spine protection that fits women please! My 12 year old Dainese is falling apart and doesn't work with my Leatt neck brace. Would love to find some elbow pads that fit small/skinny lady arms too. Frustrating.
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 Check out the POC armor - wife is wearing this in a size small - first armor thats ever fit her:
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 @MikeyMT: That looks great, although I wish it had shoulder protection too. I have a Troy Lee chest protector that I use for dirt biking that offers similar coverage. The deep gouges in the forearms and shoulders my old Dainese suit are a good indication that I need the extra protection...or maybe I should just retire and take up knitting.
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 Leatt listen up:

1. Women's protection shorts (that actually protect your thighs, hips & tailbone)
2. Women's Chest protection in non-girly colors - Pink and white is gross.
3. More color options that are less girly. A solid black version of the short would be awesome!
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 Wow great, more clothes. Just what we need. How about some protection in a female fit? Na, never mind that. Kids or mens stuff works fine...
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 No DH pants for the ladies?
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 Check out the DA Kine and Fox pants in size small. Work great for my wife.
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 In my head I pictured them shooting the video, riders rolling up to the shuttle and the Canyon rep running out and yelling woa, stop, hey she's got the shapshifter. She doesn't need the lift, she can pedal to the top. And the riders like, godam, er-OH yea I don't even need the shuttle, I'll just ride to the top. Yea me! Whoo... starts riding away and under her breath, godam@#$%@%@# bike rep...

Smile and then LOL how they almost ran her off the road later...
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 good call by others already on the need for women's protection ore so than more clothes. But, I DO love my low profile Leatt chest protector, think it's the 2.5. Fits me and other women I know better than the older version which just floated over our chests.
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 Martha and Thelma. Let's party like its 1899!
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 Awesome work Martha!
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 Dear Leatt, please note that not all women like teal or purple. Please give us some more toned down colours too!
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 I'd wear it.

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