Video: Leatt Launches 2020 Line in France with Clemens Kaudela, Martha Gill, Aaron Chase, & Telma Torregrosa

Oct 24, 2019
by Leatt .com  

Words: Leatt
Photos: Christoph Laue
Video: Ryys

Christoph Laue

A line launch is a great reason for a Leatt family trip. All it took was a few phones and the heroes of the Twenty Twenty video were ready to roll. Aaron Chase, Clemens Kaudela, Martha Gill and Telma Torregrosa were on a plane heading to France, destination: Black Hills.

bigquotesAaron Chase was one of the last guys on my bucket list to work with. I knew the Black Hills were going to be a huge playground for him to work his magic. The hardest part was following him everywhere, he moved so fast from spot to spot, super keen to get more on camera. Clemens Kaudela was also full of positive energy to whole time. It’s not easy trekking up a mountain all day, hitting huge jumps and riding massive lines and also stay so happy and focused. Clemens is real professional with amazing style! Ryys, filmer and producer of the Twenty / Twenty video

Christoph Laue
Clemens Kaudela hitting the huge gap jump at Black Hills. He didn't even blink.

bigquotesI’ve been working with Leatt for a few years now and it really is like a big family – when you’re in it’s rad times! So when I was asked to be a part of the their Twenty/ Twenty launch I had a feeling it was going to be cool. The location was amazing with so many line choices – you just needed to get creative and find those special features. The black soil really made the whole thing pop on camera too.

Everything from big freeride lines to fun jib features were there. The first day, we didn’t have much time, it was sunset and I trekked up to one of the peaks and rode this super loose line down. It was a great start to the trip and really got me pumped.
Aaron Chase

Christoph Laue
Aaron Chase finding the loose line on day one.

bigquotesFilming with Leatt was so cool. The mixture of freeride, bike park, enduro trails and just little fun stuff was perfect. The highlight for me was riding the exposed ridge with Aaron and Clemens at sunset. It wasn't just on the bike when we had fun too; I won't forget playing crazy boules with Telma, splashing about in the pool, and all the laughs we had staying in one house like one big family. I love all the new gear Leatt is bringing out for 2020, so was honoured to be part of such a fun trip and be involved with the launch!Martha Gill

Christoph Laue
Martha Gill finding that perfect shot with Christoph Laue


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 Can they at least put a slo-mo crash reel of people with their products instead and actual product testing? I'd be most interested in the neck brace portion
  • 2 0
 As far as product launches go, were we supposed to recognize what is being launched? I don't even see a link in this article.

Probably should have called this one "more people shredding"
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 Such a magical spot to ride
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 "This year, we got completely creative and put a WIDER stripe on the sleeve."
"This year, we put the logo on everything. Literally."
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 Leatt is one of my favorite brands just because I like what they've done with protective gear. Nice to see it featured here.
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 I love Leatt and I hope that releasing this article during rampage wasnt a bad idea, seems like itll be missed/overlooked due to how big rampage is.
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 Ahh I do like Leatt gear!
  • 1 1
 I had a leatt neck brace and cheast protector for moto. Terrible, fell apart everywhere. Also, brutal with a camelbak. Just bought a leat fusion 3.0, hopefully its better
  • 1 0
 Probably not lol I bought their goggles and the frame cracked from the helmet even though they said can fit any helmet and the lenses even though they are "bulletproof" scratch so easy wasn't worth the $130 bucks
  • 1 0
 I should say I have also owned a set of the hybrid knee pads the pads themselves were great but the mesh on the back sucked and fell apart within 2 months of riding
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 Very nice vid, more commercials like this please! No seriously, cool riding and great shots, pleasant to watch.
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 Eenie, mednie, meinie Moe. I picked an Enduro DBX and love it. They are on my A list.

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