Video: Levy Batista Rips Jumps & Berms on his Enduro Bike

May 2, 2021
by levy Batista  

Levy Batista working on attitude on his Rocky Mountain Altitude in Les Vosges

Tabletop for the Cravin Video

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 I’m actually super in to this. Keep it weird, baby.
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 what in the
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 exactly . didnt need to do those pointelss weird frreestyler moves .
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 jabawaki got robbed
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 This is like watching a comedy in a langauge you dont understand, without subtitles.
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 Nothin beats a good exorcism with the boys
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 Pretty sure this is what gen z would refer to as "cringe"
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 My favorite parts were the cuts to the retarded crane poses but I get what he was trying to say. Levy and I speak the same language.
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 Say what you want about whatever that was happened in between the riding shots. But you can’t deny that Levy has steeze.
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 And super cool riding, ...and there was dancing
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 his enduro bike? No way, no one has ever done that.
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 Would've been helpful to have this titled something that sets up expectations of a different vibe. I loved the part where he is airborne overlaid on his fluid run. Very cool. I may "borrow" that. Wink
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 I weirdly enjoyed it
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 Make sure to take up space in the edit by using one of the following: picking up bike, putting on goggles, walking bike, or dancing like a crab.
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 It's so funny to read all the people hating, I can almost bet they're bunch of squares who never danced before. appreciate the style and uniqueness, do your thing man, I can dig it!
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 I think I'd be better off if I didn't see that
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 The riding was good, everything else... hmm maybe I’m not artsy enough too get it
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 That looks exactly like how the Crackheads downtown walk around all jacked up. Freaky if you ask me! Nice style on the bike though.
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 Does anyone know where in les vosges this was filmed? I'm heading there this summer and would be sweet to check this place out
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 Well that was weird.
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 I think I need weed to get the idea of this edit...
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 If u listen to the music and watching his move?! I get it.. cool.
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 Right! I though the edit was on point!
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 That was super cool editing!
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 This was simultaneously a really cool edit and the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
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 My 3 year old loves this edit
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 If Vic & Bob did an MTB edit this would be it... so points for that.
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 I love this!!!
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 If ya don't know, ya don't know. Ya know?
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