Video: Lewis Buchanan Follows Remy Metailler on Big Lines in Squamish

Nov 20, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIt was amazing to link up with Remy and have him show us some amazing trails and old school features from wooden bridges to wooden jumps and big flow lines! Lewis Buchanan


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 Lewis and Remy are 2 examples of the content creators that show why Pinkbike and it's new services from December 3rd are behind the times. This video isn't new by the time it's on Pinkbike. Let's share or favourite content creators links on here as a communications resource....
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 Just read the email there. It's sub time come the 3rd. As long as everyone moves to vital, and keeps commeting then the spirt will live on, we all just come here for the comments let's be honest!! #3rdtovital
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 @TomsiR: viral has been ahead of Pinkbike for a while now.

A few YouTube links. (I left GCN off lol)

Mark Matthews
Mat Jones

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flag RedBurn (Nov 20, 2021 at 4:29) (Below Threshold)
 @betsie: lets go brendon
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 "A new layer of member content" - And everyone thought the paywall comments were annoying.
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 Is content less good because it’s not new? Asking for a friend.
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 Or we could just ride our bikes and dig trails.
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 @wallheater: been digging all afternoon. Missed my riding time today as was too busy digging and the weather from tomorrow is supposed to be pants for a week.
Normally just do night time digging with the wee head torch as we are down to 1500 finishing riding these days with the light gone.
Come home, make some dinner, watch some YouTube and chill, dreaming of the next dig or ride.
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 @wallheater: I'm only on here because I'm taking a shit after riding or digging, and most of PB does the same.
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 @betsie: where you building your trails mate!
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 @Meganstuart1: been sorting out all the trails up Dallas, giving all the trails some much needed TLC.

Also building a new trail next to redemption, but that's an ambitions build. Double black trail rather than everything else which are pretty much Dh tracks of different difficulties.
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 @Meganstuart1: have you ridden Dallas much?
So much good stuff up the mast to ride, those boys do an amazing job.
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 @betsie: never been but a few boys I know pop over a lot and I seen 1 of his GoPro videos and yeah the trails look very good mate! I ride a lot at Contin and aigas(Ross-shire) we are absolutely spoiled for trails now all thanks to guys like yourself!
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 @Meganstuart1: I haven't been to Contin or Aigas in years. I was one of the original guys along with Ross and Alex who built loads up Contin about 20 years ago after Steve was too busy with the shop. Ross was the original guy up Aigas when he lived there, I hear it's exploded with stuff to ride since those early days. You ride Bissets stuff too? Was fun when we used to have wee Dh races there back in the day.
So spoilt up here with riding spots.
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 @betsie: small world mate lol, aigas has not changed much but Contin has insane amount of trails now for a small hillside You will get a nice surprise next time you go!I know Steve but not sure about Ross or Alex? I’m assuming your on about Callum’s trails I’ve heard they are good but again can’t seem to find the time to get to them!
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 @Meganstuart1: Euan Bissets trails.
They are at Loch Achilty. Not been there for a few years though.

I must head to Contin again, saw some videos last year and it looked really good.
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 @betsie:I thought it was a boy Rory that built that 1, that’s some trail I walked it with the dogs it’s a little overgrown now though! If your ever in the area mate you could give me a shout and I’ll happy take you round them mate
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 Shouldn't the title be Video: Lewis Buchanan Follows Remy Metailler on a high pivot bike on Big Lines in Squamish?
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 Pretty cool to see someone do stuff like that blind or with just a quick look! Awesome riding!
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 Yeah, that really impressed me too. He just went for it!
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 Don’t discount the value of a proper tow in!
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 Amazing how well the trails hold up even with a month straight of heavy rain
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 Especially wild since there is basically nothing like this in Scotland.
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 He found some Harder stuff in Wales though Smile
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 Great video.
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