Video: Lewis Buchanan Rips his Trail Bike

Apr 10, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesStoked to announce that I have signed a helmet and full riding apparel deal with Muc-Off for 2021! I’ll be kitted out with Muc-Off jerseys, jackets, gloves, shorts and socks and to top it off I have the raddest custom paint job with my own touch on my d4 helmet!

Instagram: @lewbuchanan
Filmed by: @jackkclark
Lewis Buchanan


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 Still not a Forbidden
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 Whats the difference between ripping and shredding?
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 asking da real questions
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 Ripping is the gateway. Shredding is the real deal. Shralping is the level, next.
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 Shedding = ripping multiple times.
Ride a trail quickly once; ripped.
Rip the same trail multiple times; shredded.
Works for paper anyways...
  • 6 0 Muc-off a sponsor??
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 Too bad...He probably puts Stan’s in his tires!!!
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 Phil Atwill filming/snapping!!
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 You need glasses sir. @innesgraham I didn’t know you were Phil Atwills twin brother Big Grin
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 It's amazing how capable trail bikes are nowadays compared to when I started riding back in 2011. Wow.
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 Interesting how different his riding looks on this bike compared to the Druid. Read into that as you will...
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 Genuinely interested in hearing your further thoughts on that :-)
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 I would also like to know your thoughts
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 Well I assume you aren't basing your who comment of this one video cause that would be.... Silly.
I'm hoping you went back and watch all the druid video and then all the optic videos and analyzed the differences yeah?
Or is this a throw away comment?
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Agreed, noticed it straight away too.
A couple of very noticeable differences.
Would love to see some back to back testing or riding the same tracks in similar conditions between the 2 bikes (even if there is a large time between the rides).
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 You mean how he's just hitting flow trails and not tech?
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 @fullendurbro: No.
I guess many riders are the same, different bikes ride differently so the riders adapt their style to get the most out of the bike. Some riders are more fussy than others too.
Its always what happens against the clock that matters in Enduro or Dh though eh! How you look means nothing when racing.
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 Still needs to get some trousers that fit though
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 Bike pants never fit right. That's the magic of them
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 You know you are old when you think your chinos should hit the floor at the back!!!
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 So rad, Lew.
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 So fast he got a new name
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 Quality vid!
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 Good job mate
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