Video: Lewis Buchanan Takes On the Tight and Technical Stage 3 at EWS Finale Ligure

Sep 25, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesTake a run on stage 3 here in Finale Ligure on practice day. This stage was so tech. Lots of greasy rocks on old Roman roads along with some very very tight switchbacks. Very difficult stage and you need to almost go slower to enable yourself to somewhat flow. Lewis Buchanan


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 Lewis is certainly flying the flag for Forbidden Bikes, the prototype looks like a winner, also, the video of Lewis hitting the Fort William WC Downhill course on the Druid Trail Bike is an eye opener as to what a great rider can do on any platform.
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 these tracks looked more well suited to the druid, as he said in the quote he was having to reel the bike in to find flow. given how fast lewis looks on the dh tracks on the prototype im really excited to see how he does when he can let that prototype bike loose.
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 @Albatrosse: Agreed, if you check his YouTube channel you'll see him rip the prototype on his home trails in Innerleithen, quick is an understatement.
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 And also, the Fort William vid shows how fast the top Enduro riders are, since Lewis is around top 30 and manage to keep up with a top dh rider like Danny Heart for a while.
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 @Endurip: ehhh no. Of course he can follow Danny on a chill run but you're mistaken to think to think anyone outside the top 10EWS are anywhere as a fast as top 5DH. Any top 20DH will wipe the floor with those guys after a bit of appropriate training
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 @mollow: its an extra tough distinction to make because most of the top of the EWS field are ex dh racers too
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 @mollow: Lewis Buchanan is pretty good on a Downhill bike, how good, 2010 Downhill World Championships he won a Bronze Medal, he crossed over to Enduro in 2016 so I think if you put him on a DH Bike he could hold his own.
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 @mollow: he set a time good enough to qualify 50th in Fort William the previous year on a trail bike. Lewis Buchanan is one of those riders who has the potential for huge results.
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 @mollow: like bernard kerr? There are some top dh guys who gave it a shot and it didn't work out so well. I think they're names were something like Greg, Loris, Luca. Something like that
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 @humoroususername: where did you read that? The track is different from WC to regular days (the wood section is different), I don't think it is a fair comparison. As far as speed goes, he could make it if he trained for it, that's for sure.
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 @Jimmy0: yes, many dh racers tried and didn't get top results, but they where not training intensively for it. it's never an apple to apple comparison IMO. Masters and Moir prove that a good dh rider can get top results in enduro, if they train for it. There are not many enduro riders giving WC dh a go (intensively), only Maes comes to mind (it's still not the same thing though), so it's hard to tell. Someone like Melamed could get good results I think.
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 @ORTOGONAL555: there is a video on his channel where he did an experiment to see if he could have qualified on that trail bike. It's a good video and the trail is the same as the previous years world Cup. The good thing about Fort William is that it's gravel and rock so it runs at the same speed pretty much all of the time.
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 @humoroususername: The track is not the same though. If you ride it you know the differences, if you don't ride it then you dont.....
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 @Danthor: fair enough. I won't argue with you.
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 Trek factory racing will be glad they’ve extended the range on that knock block.
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 No chance against French guys here with this switchbacks
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 This looks fun to ride, but horrible to race!
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 So fvckin rad! You know it's legit if the guys paid to ride are checking up...
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 Feels like I'm back in preschool with the amount of poop in my pants
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 That is brutal.... and if the rain comes ?
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 Where a long bike will both help you charge and bite you on the ass on the switchbacks.
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 Care to use that 820mm bar on this track? Big Grin
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 @nozes: Maybe some time trial bars would be optimal here!
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 Was this directed by Michael Bay?

Joking aside, I really like Lewis' content, seems pretty down to earth but can hang with the best of them.
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 Thats what I love Finale for! So rad.
But when it rains Eek
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 What kind of race has riders walking up the course getting in the way of oncoming racers? I don't get it. Id lose my mind on them for getting in my way! Am I missing something here the rest of you can understand? Help me understand please.
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 Practice run.
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 2:28 - makes the jump to light speed.
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