Video: Liam Baylis Showcases His Effortless DJ Style on all 3 Bikes in "Honestly"

Nov 23, 2022
by ForbiddenBike  

Liam Baylis is already a household name for some, and well on the way for others. Despite being born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Canmore Alberta, Liam spent the majority of his childhood years at his local dirt jumps and skate parks, taking inspiration from the Slopestyle greats and honing his craft. Nowadays, years of hard work are paying off. He's relocated to the mountain bike mecca that is the Sea to Sky and can be found riding with those same childhood heroes, bringing his raw technical skill and oozing style to the world of high-pivot trail bikes.

Druid, Dreadnought, or DJ, Liam lets his riding do the talking. Honestly, what more is there to say? Enjoy the show.

Rider: Liam Baylis
Video: Dylan Siggers
Music: I am Saved - Silver Harpes, Emperor X - Shut Up, Lost Forever - Travis Scott
Producer: Stephane Pelletier / Jabrome
Location: Sunshine Coast / Sea to Sky, BC


  • 7 1
 Kid has some serious skills.
  • 2 0
 Is that an actual Forbidden built DJ frame or just something else rebadged for the edit?
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 A great watch
  • 2 3
 He put the bike derailleur side down... Frown
  • 3 1
 who gives a shit
  • 2 3
 Effortless is a stretch.
  • 11 1
 Effort deez nuts
  • 10 5
 @plustiresaintdead: Hello BROTHER! I'm seeing that you are also a woke gentleman, and I LIKEY what I am seeing. Deez nuts is indeed quite effortless, care to join my Thanksgiving ride out tomorrow? Clothing forbidden. @jacobmx360 obviously does not know how to stretch nor is he a fellow nudist like you or I. Furthermore, I didn't even see ANY stretching in this so called cinematography piece, though it is incredibly important pre and post nude excursion. @100percent agrees with me and is fully backing me not only with their product, but also their trust. And that speaks volumes. #staynudepb #plustiresaintdeadiswoke #stretchbeforeyounude

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