Video: Loamy Trails and Led Zeppelin in 'Dogs Gotta Eat'

Nov 27, 2019
by Nathan Gaffran  

Don't worry this isn't another moody fall riding epic, this is slashing and shredding of the trails in Nelson B.C. While the cold weather has been deterring some to go out and ride, Nathan Gaffran and Kai Thomson took advantage of the empty trails to film this edit for your viewing pleasure.

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 you had me at Led Zepplin.
  • 8 0
 Led Zep FTW! I'm officially putting some striped riding shirts on my Christmas list, right now. 2020 will be the year plaid dies from overuse....
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 I have a different definition of 'loamy'.
  • 7 0
 Was hoping to see a black trail dog here...
  • 10 5
 sorry but not lz worthy
  • 3 0
 nice! home trails yew!
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 Youtube blocked my video that had a Zep song in it. I wonder how these guys got through?
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 YouTube copyright striked it but all they do is take the money from the ads and give to the copyright owner. Or if the video isn’t making any money it doesn’t get effected.
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 Somebody’s getting sued!
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 Still waiting for a Zep reunion! CMON!!!
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i think that was my first hashtag. did i do it right?
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 @savagelake: No, because Bonham died like 39 years ago.
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 @micahaalders3: True- but his son Jason did a damn fine job playing with the boys at the O2 Arena show about 12 years ago....
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 @micahaalders3: i'm not one to let facts get in the way of my internetting.
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 Sick music, sick riding, awesome edit.
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 That looks like most summer days in the UK.
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 It was actually raining quite hard while filming but you just can't tell.
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 @nathan999x: Yep, most summer days in the UK, like I said.
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 wow , stairway 2 heaven rsign me up !!!!
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 Wow! Fun! Zep!
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 Finally some music to back up the riding..good job!

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