Video: Local Loam in Chamonix

Dec 13, 2019
by Corentin De Meirler  

bigquotesOur goal for "By and By" was basically the goal for all of my videos: inspire people to ride. I have been riding bikes for over 10 years now and it's through mountain-biking that I have made some of my all-time best memories and met some of my closest friends to this date. This video is dedicated to all of those moments.

Benjamin and Aurel are two Chamonix locals that I have met while riding a couple of years back. I am lucky to call them friends now. This is their story, this is a story about friendship.
Corentin De Meirler

By By A Locals Story

Chamonix located in the heart of the French Alps is an incredible place known around the world for its incredible landscape and its mountain range where the Mont-Blanc peaks. This town is home of a full of alpine enthusiasts from skiers, mountaineers, climbers to mountain bikers.

Benjamin Verrier & Aurel Lardy are ones of those Chamonix locals that spend most of their time out in the mountains. Both driven by passion, they naturally become friends. Even though they have different backgrounds, it is from a shared passion that their friendship was born: mountain biking

By and By - A Locals Story Screengrabs
By and By - A Locals Story Screengrabs

By By A Locals Story
Benjamin Verrier
After 10 years of racing, I have decided that it was time for a change. My life was dedicated to riding, training and traveling to get to the races, notably on the World Cup circuit. I will always remember those times and the people I have spent time with and the fun we had. 
In 2015, my first kid was born and so I have decided to spend more time at home.

 Nowadays I work at Zero G, Chamonix’s local bike shop, and I spend my free time riding with my friends and as a MTB guide. I love to ride in groups, it is always a good time and we usually feed off and push each other trying out new lines or going faster.

 This gave me the opportunity to rediscover all the riding potential that Chamonix as to offer and to get another perspective on what riding bikes was all about: Fun.

By By A Locals Story
By By A Locals Story

Aurel Lardy
Growing up in Chamonix was a dream for me because the valley has some much to offer. 
I have naturally always been attracted by the mountains, I have been racing ski for 15 years and I am now focusing more and more on big mountain skiing.

People living in Chamonix are usually big outdoors enthusiast, from pro skiers/snowboards, mountaineers to mountain-bikers. I have always lookup to those guys who dedicated their life for their passion and sports: Benjamin is one of them. 

I have started riding bikes in 2009, with the sport getting mainstreamed and inspired by all the videos and MTB movie that I have seen. My background in ski naturally translated to my riding style and it gives me this « etiquette » of « Freerider » as I am more focused on sending big jumps and finding steep and gnarly chutes.

By By A Locals Story

By By A Locals Story

Brownpow shredding at home.

Presented by: Zero G Chamonix
Director / Editor / Colours: Corentin De Meirler
Featuring: Benjamin Verrier & Aurel Lardy
Cinematography: Corentin De Meirler

By By A Locals Story

Drone footage courtesy of: Romain Prieur (Medronia)
Audio Post-production Vincent Boulouard

Thanks: Tim Moniot
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 That's why we ride!!!!! Truly hope everyone gets a good rip in this weekend... Shred on my fellow riders Life is good.
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 Nice one Benji, I could ride that trail all day every day, here's to next year...
  • 4 1
 Great job guys! French loam at his best!
  • 1 1
 @mcdog cheers !
  • 2 1
 You guys are so lucky to call Cham home. Truly a magical place no-one forgets once they visit. Can't wait to get my bike up there...
  • 2 0
 Dig the wide format. Nice riding, nice lifestyle shots. Adding Cham to my list and glad I purchased an Evoc bike bag.
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 Glad you liked it man @nordicMT !! You'll won't be disapointed with what Cham has to offer riding-wise !
  • 2 1
 Spent 2.5 years in Morzine and now wish I was compus mentus and less wasted to get out and around in the larger area.
  • 4 1
 @stoo61 Morzine is a hell of a place too!

Chamonix (and mostly Les Houches) are slowly but surrely growing as a MTB hot-spot. The locals are working hard to build new trails.. And the ones I've seen so far are awesome !
  • 1 1
 @CD-Media: Oh yeah of course, im just a more productive and energetic person now haha I rode in Chamonix for the start and end of the Tour du Mont Blanc
  • 3 1
 Looking good fellas! About time I dropped anchor in Cham I recon :-)
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 Good looking dirt!

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