Video: Loic Bruni Joins Finn Iles in Prevost for Some Wet Weather Training

Dec 21, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesTraining season is in full swing and my teammate Loic Bruni came from Europe to train in some muddy downhill conditions here on Vancouver Island. You might remember him from winning the World Champs again this year. Whatever. Can he handle a muddy Mount Prevost? We'll see.Finn Iles


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 "Ready bitch?" - Loic Bruni 2019
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 You know, we French People, like to use all of these sweet little bad words with our riding buddies... Wink
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 @cool3: wait are you French or Canadian?
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 @BWildProductions: lol the French certainty would consider him/her Canadian.
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 @BWildProductions: Actually, I'm French but been living in Canada for 35 years, so maybe there's a bit of maple syrup in my veins. Wink
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 @nvranka: Nope, I'm French for real. And that's funny because even after all these years living here, people still consider me as a Frenchie, but that's allright -- everybody's a Montrealer, here. Smile
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 @cool3: "Actually, I'm French but been living in Canada for 35 years" Do you not like the French Flag Wink
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 @SimonVD: Well, PB does not offer the bi-national flags, so...
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 That was close...for a minute there I almost forgot I suck at bikes.
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 So basically Loic came from dry conditions to drop in on wet conditions and ride a trail blind faster than most locals could after 200 runs...
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 Pretty good definition of a WC DH racer
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 Faster and cleaner, these guys are monsters
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 @wildedge586: Exactly, now to find what local down voted me because a dose of truth hurt their feelings? haha
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 Prevost locals like...Mark Wallace and Steve Smith?
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 @kraf: Most locals aren't anywhere as fast as Mark Wallace and Steve Smith
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 Correction. Faster than most locals could ever.
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 Sure Loic is obviously faster than any of us mortals but what impresses me is that he showed up and rode it blind as fast as local riders who happen to be top 20 WCDH racers...
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 Drifting a min-van with a Christmas tree on top...
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 Classic Cow valley locals
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 This is dope..
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 Finn cracking that step down table @6:20 is absolute boss sauce. This video just shows once again why Prevost is top shelf. The freaking DH world champ comes to play in the mud there for christ sakes.
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 Chainsaw's spirit riding the train with the homies in this one!
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 Mark Wallace was there in his Canyon gear but i didnt see a Canyon bike just Specialized and Norco?!?
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 F riding with those guys. I would die. So fast.
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 If you look closely you can see he is on a sender. I thought the same thing at first. Magnus Manson was riding the Norco which means he's off Canyon.
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 @nathan999x: Vital has Lucas Cruz on a Norco too - Norco looks to have a pretty badass team next summer!
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 pretty sure that is a Kona, not a norco
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 @sosburn: There is also a Kona, I believe that it's finns filmer. If you look closely in Magnus's van you can see a norco.
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 @nathan999x: huh okay. Saw mark's canyon, thought the kona would have been miranda miller's haha.
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 @lucatroid: Or, become faster.
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 @sosburn: Kona belongs to Rhys Verner
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 "Even though it's shitty out it was so much fun riding bikes and it's just like one of those days when you realize like,
why you like to do this and why it's so sick and cause it's just like...f*ck...this is dope!"

That's exactly how I feel every weekend I ride on Vancouver Island....rain or shine!
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 They are going so fast, they don't have to wipe their goggles.
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 You may want to tell him that's Victoria BC winter not a BC winter
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 It's a Duncan BC winter, little bit colder than Vic- bit more snow too. Nothing like yours though.
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 So fast and so smooth, make it look so easy. Dang these guys are going to be killing it this upcoming season! I think Finn especially will have a great go in 2020. Can’t wait.
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 The christmas tree drift was killer.
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The legend of Jordie lives on. Respect
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 Hitting that first run at that pace is mental
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 At 5:09, were they riding past that Jordie Lunn RAF-3 descend?
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 I don't think so, but that ladder looked sketchy lol. Great vid
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 That’s the old Mother Tongue that was taken out of service a few years ago as it was getting super sketchy. It is now leaned up against a tree for memory of what is now called the Mother Scrub. Just one of the many stories of the evolution of dh trails on Prevost
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 So calm on the bike
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 wooooop woooooop Van Isle!
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 i think these guys might be sponsored by Redbull...
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 Finn Filles, chronicals
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 Great riding ..... but that isn’t mud. Come to Wales Scotland for mud
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 Yee yee!
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 Love Finn's comment about re-discovering the joy of MTBs.
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 Love how they started the video with a Bruni sound. "Fwap!"
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 I’m old, those guys are killing, young blood, the future.
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 Finn ills looking good

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