Video: Loic Bruni on the Difficulties of Taking the World Cup Title

Sep 26, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIn what has been the most intense head-to-head racing we've seen in the UCI MTB World Cup, the 2019 season came down to two Frenchman, Amaury Pierron and Loic Bruni. Having won every round of the 2019 World Cup races, with exception of Val di Sole, both athletes arrived in Snowshoe to lay it all out between the tapes.

With mounting pressure and the desire to take his career first overall UCI World Cup win, Loic Bruni leads us through the mental and physical obstacles that faced him at the final race in Snowshow, West Virginia.
Red Bull


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 It was really cool to watch Loic take the overall, you could really see how much stress this season had put on him. Hard work pays, it really could have gone to either of the french men, they both crushed all season but it seemed like Amaury is more of a "send it" type while Loic is more of a calculated risk type and the latter strategy worked, but barely. Acknowledging that, Loic definitely seemed more mentally exhausted from this season. I could be wrong though.
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 Loved the way Loic honoured AP. Classy.
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 Loic cant thank enough to Danny to give him double, if Danny finish 2nd or 3rd, Loic wont get his Double. just insane season!
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 I would say the main difficulty in winning the World Cup Title (or anything else for that matter) is that everybody else is trying to beat you!
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 Very insightful i was actually just reading a thesis statement about how its extremely difficult to come first in events like this because if other people ride faster than you they will win instead
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 @endurogan: dark...... i like it
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 Of the two frenchman, Loic is the men!
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 And Amaury the legend
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 You know men is plural right...
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 @landscapeben: What do you know about speaking American?
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 @landscapeben: you thoroughly read that press release?
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 @whiteboarder: Aaaah i see it! Light bulb moment lol nice joke then now I get it, my bad! Beer
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 Peaty's World win will prob always be may fav but damn this finish was intense & amazing. Bruni is def super!
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 So he still riding the mullet or full 29?
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 Mixed wheels. It makes sense. He is not a tall guy and getting punched by your rear wheel kind of sucks.
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 Mullet. I like how he said he doesn't deserve it any more than Amaury - To me, they were tied - and Danny was the tie breaker. That's an ending to a WC season.
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 What about Danny Hart's seems like he was left in the dust that race.
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 Danny's run was magical and should go down as an all time great on a very difficult track but I even think he would admit that the title race was a much bigger deal.
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