Video: Loic Bruni Takes On the Fast and Rough Trails of Schladming

Jul 23, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAlways so stoked to shred this legendary downhill track in Schladming!
So fast and so rough but the dirt and the rythm make it so fun.
Loic Bruni


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 Typical Frenchman, blew that stop sign
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 This is actually just an endorsement of GoPro's stabilization. Schladming is so rough and blown out right now it's practically unrideable... unless you're a World Champ, I guess.
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 Stable, smooth and soft over the roots. Looks like Ohlins, Big S and LB made a good job, again.
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 Gotta love how the fastest man in the world still shoulder checks when the trails merge.
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 Schladming never gets old, but looks quite easy to ride?
but know will not be that easy, or have any brakes left before would get to the bottom?
So better not even think about going there!
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 it is relatively easy to ride, the main tech section of the track isn´t used outside of racing as far as I know (and it looks like they removed a lot of trees in the area), what gets you is the length and steepness of it, and the braking bumps ????
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 So smooth he should try his hand at racing ???? if it ever starts again????
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 Sweet run with lots of line options! Feel like this was him @ 2/3 speed also, which is like me at my fastest. Scary to think how much he held back...
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 The speed he is doing is insane but for a supposedly rough track it didn’t look like there were any real technical features until over 2/3’s of the way down and then the section was over. It looks like downhill skiing.
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 As a local I can assure you that the track is rough - even compared to other Word Cup tracks.
But 3 reason why it looks so smooth in this video:
1. best rider
2. best suspension
3. best video stabilizer
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 some serious strava line action going on here

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