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Video: Luca Shaw Course Preview POV - Lenzerheide World Cup DH 2019

Aug 8, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

After two days of torrential rain everyone was a bit dubious going into today's practice session... But things dried up pretty quick, allowing Luca Shaw to take you on a Burgtec hot lap, showing you a few of the new sections on the now infamous Lenzerheide track!


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 That inside line to setup at 2:23... damnnnnn
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 No commentary during the ride? Can we get Gee back?
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 Track looks pretty sick! Best of luck, Luca!!
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 Since video always seems to flatten a course when I watch it, the fact that this looks steep? Wow! This mutha must be way steep... Unreal riding....
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 Question: it looks like Luca drives over a pole at 2:47, but the pole is tipped over so he doesn't go over the tape, I guess that is legal, but I am not super familiar with the rules around the pole and tape in UCI DH. Can anybody enlighten me?
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 Same with the pole at 3:08 - Ben Cathro discussed that with Amaury Pierron in his track walk video and Gee calls this a 'cheeky move' in his preview run. Now that the talk is there I hope the UCI clarifies this prior to the race!
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 That was awesome. Kind of wish we had riders POV during the race
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 My dream is that it will one day be like NASCAR coverage with views changing between external course cams and 'cockpit' cams.
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 Sitting at work: "I'd love to be a pro-downhiller".
After watching this: "I'd love to be a pro-downhill spectator".
Radical shit, best sport in the world.
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 Made it look easy, hats off to you
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 He was breathing out of his a$$ after about 1 minute - suspect is mere mortals would be dead by that point
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 I thoroughly enjoyed that. Honestly enjoyed the preview with no commentary.
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 I would love to see Luca Shaw puzzling with Jordi. He's been missing in the Fox tent.
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 Rock garden of DOOM is gone. Frown
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 Was she pooing behind the tree again ?
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 Is the whistling supposed to tell the rider something?
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 alert people below, a rider is on course.. GTFO of the way
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 Bring back Gee!
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 Luca Skywalker !
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 I wish they hadn't edited out the casual commentary.
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 He's no Claudio.

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