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Video: Luca Shaw's Maribor POV Course Preview

Oct 14, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesLuca and Burgtec take you for a spin down track one out here in Maribor. Chockablock with roots and rocks, it's flat out in the dry! Might be a different story again by tomorrow...

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 Can't wait to watch all the riders pedal down that road section on the live stream.
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 Hahahaha nod oubt! I saw that and instantly thought the camera crew got wet over that bit!! hahaha
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 That last jump to the finish is a bit of a strange layout....
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 yeah, i thought exactly the same, i was like wtf....
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 Yeah, seems like they should retape it to force riders to actually hit the jump. Reminds me of the table on La Bresse that Gwin "scrubbed" by leaving the takeoff inside the lip back in 18.
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 The jump where Remi destroyed himself previously ?
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 @glenno: that one was Leogang i believe
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 Awesome looking track. Though I would like to see that tree that's cut down to head height on the inside of the corner facing both in and towards the oncoming riders 'adjusted'. 2mins and 33secs in.
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 Thought the same thing, could be nasty!
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 "What do you do for a living?"
"I pass at Mach 15 under a wide Kenda banner, that immediately funnels me in a 1-meter wide gap between the trees. If I touch the brakes, I'm fired."
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 I almost went OTB twice in the office chair watching....... Thank goodness Luca rode it out for me...
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 Damn...either super stabilization on the camera or he is a helluva smooth rider. Either way, i am jealous.
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 The new GoPro’s are almost too stable. He’s crazy smooth too obviously which adds to it.
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 @wilbersk: GoPro Effect hits hard. That track combined with the riding looked so smooth. But wathing the Raw Footage shows how gnarly it is really. Nevertheless great rinding, he makes it look so easy
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 @FloriLori: yep, I rode this track in the summer and the compression at 2:28 is huge. It's at least 2 meters deep and much shorter than it looks on camera. Really weird element to hit at that speed.
The POV would be much nicer if he used a chest mount. With ultra wide gopro lens and mounted that high, everything on the floor looks small and flat, but in reality, it is a gnarly track.
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 DO IT LUCA! And that was a strange intro.
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 That looked a lot better than worlds on race day.
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 Missing mud Big Grin (compared to Leogang)
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 Lets get these races going, looks good.
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 tomorrow rains quite a bit !
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 i see lots of OTB opportunities! cant wait
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 That looks fun.
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 Looks like a tamed down version of snowshoe.
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