Video: Luca Shaw's Maribor Round 2 POV Course Preview

Oct 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA few modifications for the 2nd round out here at Maribor, with some more technical and tricky sections brought in to spice things up!

After killing it yesterday in finals, it was time to go again today:

P4 - Loris Vergier
P14 - Luca Shaw
P18 - Greg Minnaar

Hop onboard with Luca Shaw X Burgtec for a preview of what's to come tomorrow....
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 I have a question with the two race in one locale but separate tracks format.

This is presumably done to get more rounds in with covid-19, but why not keep doing it as a way to inexpensively add more rounds to the WC?

I remember a discussion about whether more stops could be added to get the DHWC more on par with outdoors motocross, and the limiting factor seemed to be travel cost. Having the two races per stop would solve this problem right? Instead of 7 races at 7 locations, you could get 11 or 12 races in at the same number of locations by doubling up in some places
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 His speed is clearly due to the fact that a rabid turkey was chasing him down track.
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 I can't be bothered to check, but I'll go ahead abd assume he's running Sram brakes.
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 @CarbonShmarbon: not the syndicate
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 Impressive how stable the footage is compared to the helmet (or at least the helmet visor). Is that postprocessing, is there some kind of suspension in the helmet mount or is this how great image stabilization has become nowadays?
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 that's digital image stabilisation at work
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 The new GoPro 9 (I assuming this is the camera used) has really impressive IS in my experience using it so far
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 Oh good lord, please tell me this question isn't serious.
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 Any chance someone could give us timestamps on the parts that are different to the Friday race?
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 i think just upper part of woods before rock garden, when you get from open grass part.
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 Gobble gobble
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flag Aengis (Oct 17, 2020 at 8:38) (Below Threshold)
 The familiar sounds of SRAM brakes.
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flag Johannes-the-Joey (Oct 17, 2020 at 8:47) (Below Threshold)
 The sound of SHITMANO
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 @Aengis: except they run Shimano.
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 I like hearing when he uses brakes; gives a bit of insight into when and for how long these guys brake (or don't brake...)
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 Noisy brakes, noisy freehub, huffin' and puffin' suspension... who needs all this fancy data logging equipment if all you need is a camera (with microphone) to get an idea of what is going on?
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 Seems to be more or less dry?
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 I think it's cool to see the same track in different conditions.
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 The new longer bottom section is gnarly! This will be a great race!
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 Hero dirt
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