Video: Luca Shaw's Winning POV from Downhill Southeast Round 1

Mar 3, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesOur newest rider Luca Shaw is getting ready for the new DH season racing his Canyon Sender at his local series in the USA.Canyon Bicycles


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 Some say that man is waiting for a fist bump to this day.
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 Is that what you call a hanging offence?
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 Some new Boxxers don't do the glove tap.
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 I would say he got a bump, the kid was just loving the fact he just stopped beside him. Its one of the few sports in the world you can rub shoulders with the elite. Lets be happy for the kid
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 @chillescarpe: that “Kid” is Max Beaupre. Who was only a few seconds off Luca. He’s one of Cannondale’s biggest rising stars for EWS.
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 @chillescarpe: That kid got fifth in pro on a single crown. He's a sponsored rider and rips faster than most people.
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 haha poor Max
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 @chillescarpe: Max beat Neko a few weeks back at an enduro. He's doing kinda ok I suppose :-)
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 @HurricaneCycles: Fair enough, no point having a go at me like Im a local that is meant to recognise every face from a 2 second clip. There are 100s of rippers in UK you wouldnt have a chance recognising either. I wasnt ditching the guy he seems to be doing well in results so fingers crossed for the next season for him
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 That 1:11 over the rock line is giving so much advantage over the main line! Nice one
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 How did he not hit that tree afterwards?
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 I had to watch it a few times to wrap my head around it.
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 @tremeer023: That immediate left around the tree with almost no discernible loss of momentum was just *magic*. Wow.
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 dude skipping the S turns at the end was gnarly
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 Great run obviously, but what a fantastic track layout for that hillside. Looks like they got every inch out of that ridegline and didn't have a single easy or boring spot on the whole track. Looked like a great downhill trail. Jealous.
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 Nasty track! I would crash rolling out of the start hut
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 haha had the same feeling..
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 that was insanely fast.
Looked rocky under some of that mud, all hidden too!
99.99% of riders could not ride anywhere near that speed in ideal conditions.
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 Impressive! I still can't wrap my head around how do these riders find grip in these sort of trails
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 man he picks some aggressive lines.
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 they spelled md & slp! lc shw pv wrong
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 Wow what a muddy mess
But that rock drop at 1:10
Amazing! How’d he miss the tree?
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 That course was built to be evil. Lot of people didn’t race because of it. That and the mud. Mission accomplished
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 Love the speed limit sign at the start!
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 He pinned that greasy ass minefield!
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 Not asking to be jerk but why is Gwin not racing in this race?
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 Cuz it’s muddy and cold
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 Gwin doesn’t like racing unless it’s SoCal, warm, and dry. Only exception to the this is World Cup. He “doesn’t like to get his shoes dirty”
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 Looks like he might have lost time at 1:44 but still won the race!
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 That corner at 1:14 was some Jedi shit
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 was that tree after the rock drop / corner the one that took out Neko?
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 where are the spectators????
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 At the end... It was probably impossible to hike to the top considering the mud Big Grin
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 very remote race track starting in someone's backyard essentially - homegrown racing at its best
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 @t-rick: I expected to see a still
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 @Willikers: definitely the right part of the country for sure.
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 Remote location, lots of rain, and a steep hike. Plus the big Windrock race is the following weekend. This race was only two hours from Windrock so people probably skipped this one.
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 Was this a UCI sanctioned race? Zero marshals, zero padding..... but looks like good, fun track ....
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 Assuming you’re joking but not sure.
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 Less UCI the better
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 Definitely not UCI. its a local(ish) race series on the east coast USA. A handful of big World Cup riders come out because they live in the area and the series is put on by the Mulally family, so they're all friends.
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 @OregonTrailBikes: False, @numerik since 2021 DHSE has become a full USAC sanctioned and essentially controlled race series. I got 4 uci points this past summer for my top ten at snowshoe!
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 Is it possible to smell his finger?
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