Video: Luke Strobel Shreds the PNW

Jun 27, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWe asked Luke Strobel and Matt Orlando to make the best berm smashing, jump sending edit they could for the launch of the new Enduro MK3 Stem. This is what they came up with... Burgtec


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 Strobel was always synonymous with trying to rip the tires off the rims on an Evil for me. A bit odd to see him on a Spesh. The stem is the last thing I'm focused on in this video. The guy is mental.
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 Any insight on why the departure from Evil?
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 so true!! evil should have never let him go.
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flag youknowitsus (Jun 28, 2020 at 7:47) (Below Threshold)
 @corvus1: It's because Evil is for elitist douchebags who act like dicks to people at the trailhead. Probably didn't want to be a part of it so got away from wack vibes. There's an insight for ya. Never met a rider who rides an Evil who's friendly. They're usually evil.
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 @youknowitsus: nothin' but good vibes from this Evil rider
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 @corvus1: I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a paid rider but more of an employee that did some rad promo videos. Probably got a better paying job at Specialized is my guess.
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 @ddspaz: Preciate it
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 @corvus1: maybe didn’t want to move to Bellingham.
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 That was an Evil move to S. I'm Wreckoning maybe their Offering was His Calling to switch.
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 @nsteele: this was a lot of it. I’m sure good things also came to an end. I know Luke also really wanted to ride a downhill bike again and work on projects, and Spec just has bigger budget and more support. Luke was also kinda overshadowed with signing the likes of Norbraten, Agassiz, and others.
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I helped build their new facility in Bellingham. And from a stand point of actually working for and with these guys, I can say they were the nicest bunch of people Ive met. Always very gracious and thankful for the work I was doing for them. Always asking if I was needing anything water etc. Just real people who like to ride, including the owner.

And this is said being I ride a Sentinel and I dont even own an Evil bike. But knowing who they are as human beings, Id buy a bike from them just based on that.
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 Not true . I’m a nice person . I volunteer 2 days a week at local trails and help beginners progress as well as learn from much better riders . I even take my kids soccer team to the trails to decorate, and paint positive and fun images on the rocks we dig up . If you would like to try out my Insurgent I would be more than happy to let ride it . It’s not evil . It’s good .
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 @youknowitsus: Everyone disagreeing with you as if this ain't the Evil vibe. I'm going to disagree with you because every race I've seen the Strobels at they act like textbook elitist douchebags hanging in the air-conditioned comfort of their Sprinter until it's time to reap that sweet local podium bling and get the PB glam shots.
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 SlowMo is a crime against Strobel
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 Ha, I was just listening to Murder City Devils for the first time in many years just a couple of days ago and up pops this edit. Great band, great rider! Loved his Evil shreddits, this one wasn't too shabby either.
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 Luke should never be filmed in SloMo. Never. His artistry requires, no it DEMANDS, a full speed edit!
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 Those Evil Following V1 videos with Luke were awesome!
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 straight savage slayer on wheels. Love his riding!
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 Strobel and Evil go hand by hand like tequila and a Mexican!! Idk why would they let them go
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 Love seeing Luke still shredding — first rode with him in 2000 along with Kevin Walsh, owner of Evil Bikes. We were all on the Downhill Zone racing team of the still-thriving Downhill Zone bike shop in Issaquah Washington (including NORBA National Dual Slalom Champ Bart McDaniel). Man, downhilling in the late 90’s and early 00’s in the Seattle area (including Dry Hill, Snoqualmie Pass, Exit 27, 38, South Woods jumps, NORBAs, etc) was quite a time to ride...unreal scene and vibe.
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 Are any of the zones you mentioned still going? I know 27 is...
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 @Nwilkes: Dry Hill (Port Angeles) has NW Cup races, 27 expanded w/Raging River, Tiger has better DH now, etc. But not many places to find loamy steep old school trails that aren’t excavated or bike-parky, unless you know semi-secret, private, or other secluded trails. Galbraith is one of my faves, within 90 min of Seattle. Snoqualmie might possibly reopen with lift access trails built by Evergreen in 2021 or 2022. Stevens has DH trails (sort of DH, as they tried to milk too much trail length out of that hill on many trails, IMO), but they are quite hazardous in my experience — lots of unnecessary risks and injuries from poor trail design / maintenance / hazard mitigation, in my experience and opinion (relative to Whistler, pro racing tracks, etc) I quit going to Stevens 3 or 4 years ago, after which a few friends were badly hurt there. Sun Peaks near Kamloops is the place to go if you like STEEP, gnarly, natural terrain. Love that mountain — did 20,000 vert last time I was time riding in a decade, Whistler included =)
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 @Nwilkes: And of course, The Downhill Zone bike shop in Issaquah is still running — Adam builds the best wheels I’ve ever run (he learned from the best, Scott of the DHZ, and Adam is a perfectionistic wheel-building master). I’d recommend checking it out sometime (just call in advance, due to Coronavirus scheduling) or do a custom bike build or maintenance with him...I don’t know anyone else I can trust to “get it right,” every time, like he always has for me...including parts recommendations, style / coordination / aesthetics, wheel builds, brake overhauls, custom “racer mod” setups, and also suspension overhauls and custom Avalanche damper installs. His combination of professional refinement in both form and function is unrivaled in my experience...creating great looking bikes that ride extraordinarily well. And that includes vintage bikes and wheel builds too — which he appreciates from a heritage / craftsmanship / aesthetics perspective as well.
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 @WRCDH: That was an awesome post!!
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 @WRCDH: awesome man! I'm from SLC but living out of my truck for a while to travel and ride the PNW. Definitely more into raw hand cut janky trails than machine groomed stuff.

So far I've hit:
Predator at Tiger
The rogue trails at Raging
A few of the raw trails at 27 (i.e. not jump lines)
Darrington (amazing raw tech!)
Most of Galbraith legal trails

Anything more in the heart of the Cascades I'm missing? i.e. places like Winthrop, Leavenworth for good aggressive riding?

Cheers dog!

Planning on some North Fork and other unsanctioned Bellingham trails.

I wish the Canada border was open, but in lieu of that I'm gonna kick it around the Cascades for a while.
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 @Nwilkes: Hey man, if you've got some time on your hands, head down to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and ride in the MSH and Dark Divide area.
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 @pmhobson: I've heard amazing things. I talked to the Trans Cascadia guys 3 weeks ago and they were certain it was littered with logs back then still. I'm hoping I can snag song of that goodness in late July!
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 @Nwilkes: Good deal. Sounds like you've got more beta than me (I'm still sidelined with a collar bone break and separated shoulder for another month).
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 @Nwilkes: North Slope Capitol Forest near Olympia is on par with those trails you listed. Easiest legal shuttle spot too if you are looking for that kinda stuff.
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 I miss the early 2000’s race scene. It was such a party at every race. Wilamate pass to ski bowl to dry hill.
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 Feels weird that this is the first time I've seen a video of a pro ripping the Enduro. Seems like many companies don't go in for videos of pros riding like maniacs on their products in order to advertise them anymore. I wonder why.
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 Always like Luke Strobel riding style. He is a real berm killer! Fun fact, I just listened to the Murder City Devils earlier today.
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 strobel One of the best rider! he will be always that wild guy on the following!!!
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 Yessss a new Strobel edit. We’ve waited too long!
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 Good, but needs more Rodriguez and less slow-mo Smile
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 The Natural! Luke would make a Walmart Huffy look like the newest greatest Bike. Great Vid
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 without reading the caption there is no way of knowing this is supposed to be a stem launch edit.
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 I haven't seen any riders around here in the PNW put the foot down on the berms, but I like the style of it
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 No way this is real, the industry told me that if I want to ride half as hard I need a 38, so how is this even a thing?? It has to be a 38 with other decals just to confuse us, it has to...
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 Yesssssssssss. OG Murder City Devils, perfect music choice.
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 That was sweet...thank you for the rip
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 That's a hell yeah for both the riding and the murder city devils!
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 Dear Spec, could we please have a Cody- and Luke edit?

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 Where else would he?
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 whats the song?
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 Press gang by the murder city devils
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 Absolute monster
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 Nice last corner shot.
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