Video: Timo Pritzel Goes Mac Riding & Dirt Jumping in 'Every Day Is A Bike Day'

Aug 31, 2021
by Timo Pritzel  


"It's easy to be grumpy with your paperwork or get caught in some other media drama that is happening every day… My therapy advice - ride your bike! Every day is a good day to have a bike day! Especially when grumpy."

paperwork stress

paperwork stress

As a Yogi, I can tell you its also a form of meditation! Your "monkey in your brain" has to shut off and you are in the now moment since you have to concentrate and look at the road.

(But if you are in fighter mode and are just rushing and racing and don’t take time to stretch and breathe & slow down after the ride, it's the same energy as your work! You can also use sport to not feel yourself so watch out that you are not always in your fight or flight modus )

Maybe you can also relate to how rich it is to spend your time & energy on kids. I remember talking to my now 20 year old nephew the other day and he exactly & precisely remembered every special single uncle activity time back in the day we had together! So since my daughter is too big now for the Mac Ride, I even "borrow“ my good friend's kid Enio and go for a ride with him. His smile and laughter and the first feeling of joy and adrenalin of going a bit faster down a mountain is priceless!

That is time well spent.

So my point is we often say we don’t have time but then on the other hand have 2-4 hours of mostly wasted mobile screen time every day! And it just feels so much better to look at the sunset & horizon after a long day! So don’t wait till you can ride Whistler A-Line all day, make use of your nature & obstacles around you and find a way to calm your monkey and find peace even when there is a storm around you.

Every day is a good day to have a bike day.

Good times filming around Berlin with long time BMX Buddy.
Video: / Hans Friedrich

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 Hey, must have missed that. Has Timo moved on from Marin to Nox? Personally I prefer to see him ride a nimble DJ bike because I think he's still amazing at that. But I also get that he doesn't want to be remembered as a one-trick pony just because of what he has done twenty years ago. Either way, the message is clear. Ride bike and don't stress it. Check. I'll be at the pumptrack this evening.
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 This needs Timo’s name in the title. I click any time I see his name! I was a dirt jumper when he was in the NWD videos and I am a father now. I identify with these feel good videos regardless of the bike he is riding.
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 We love the legendary Timo sharing his message of nature, family, and enjoying life to its fullest. It's great to see pro riders on their lifelong journey of riding bikes, not just in the heat of a competition. Of course, we love that @timopritzel is a #macride @macridemore fan too!
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 This is a wholesome and good video but I think it would be more transparent and respectful of the community if pinkbike listed these advertisement videos differently than the edits people make when they aren't intending to sell products.
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 is that not the point of almost all videos? that is why people are sponsored, to sell things.
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 Respect to Timo for bike skills and life ethos but just how much hostility do you reckon you’d get from the guys and girls that maintain and ride your local dirt jumps/trails if you turned up on that ebike….and you weren’t Timo
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 I think it isn't quite the motor that might damage the dirts. It is the type of tires, riding style and whether you also pick up the shovel. I'd say Timo knows how to ride and he does the digging. As for the tires, these probably weren't perfect but then again he wasn't the only one riding big knobbies.
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 Er-days a bike day. Except the days that you’re riding a segway around ;P
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 Hey, an ebike. ...great, I guess

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