Video: MacAskill, Wibmer and Soderstrom Street Riding in Innsbruck

Jun 28, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

The kings of mountain bike YouTube were all in Innsbruck for Crankworx so took some time away from the racing to go for a wild street session. The central plaza of Innsbruck is set up as a skate park so provided the perfect playground for these three.

bigquotesWhat a fun ride! So much fun riding with these two legends in Innsbruck!Fabio Wibmer


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 Ratio of tricks to high fives: 1 to 1. They must feel silly everytime the camera guy/director says, "now ride over to each other and do high fives, again."
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 The only reason I ride is for the high 5's... Solo rides are akward with all the clapping.
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 Can't say I've ever seen Soderstrom ride street,,, very impressive.
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 Good to see Martin riding. Miss that guy at the competitions.
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 Martin just won speed and style
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 @xzpsmk: good call. Missed that. I was thinking slopestyle.
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 Please these guys wish they could get this rad,
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 thank you for that.
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 Rail slide to pogo!
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 If this is what casually “Riding Street” is, I quit.
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 Can we just pretend that song didn’t happen at the end
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 I was waiting for Danny to backflip the scooter. Smile
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 Hard not to smile when watching this video.
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 Is Fabio on the same SantaCruz as Danny?? They sure do look the same, but didn't thing SC sponsored Fab.
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 It's an Inspired, not a Santa Cruz.
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 I thought that for a minute too, but there's a couple of closer up clips where you can see welds on Fabio's.
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 @cwtrials: Thanks, was pretty sure it wasn't but with almost the same color and even brakes I thought maybe something happened.
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 Post of the Month
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 Talent overload!
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 colored bars
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 SMH. Unreal. Un-Earthly.
You guys are The Man! ; )
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 I thought my glasses had fallen off at the end...
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 3 Red Bull that is a good recipe for style.
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 No 29erds were harmed in this film.
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 Are you asking for an edit or just wondering why?
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 @ssteve: Definitely not asking for an edit. Was more like, I couldn't believe my eyes and wanted some clarification that someone else had seen it too.
While I see a purpose for an e-mtb, but do not think that it is everyday use for an able bodied person, I cannot fathom a reason for such an invention as an e-scooter. Surely anybody who is in need of being propelled electrically on a scooter is safer being on a regular self propelled one instead.
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 @juniorj: I hear ya.. they literally just got permitted here.

I don't know what things are like back home but here, living in the inner city, I could see it getting people (especially those like me, who hate being jammed in to a packed subway) out of their cars. Nothing wrong with that, and I think that's the whole point. To get people who want to have a sovereign form of transportation, but don't want to get to work sweaty as hell or catch cholera on the subway, to not drive the car. People are lazy, but I think the idea is to get them to be lazy in a more environmentally friendly sort of way. Most people aren't going to ride a bike, walk or scoot when the commute is over 8-10KM, so they drive.
Funny that you mention safety. I see people (mostly retired or elderly) riding e-bikes here every day, and they're going way faster than they would have on a regular old city bike, not to mention passing roadies. Not many people, especially older folks, really has a sense for speed, and what a difference just a couple of KM/H can make in an accident.

The biggest issue over here right now is the fact that bike lanes are overcrowded and these things are only allowed to be ridden in bike lanes. Everyone is up in arms... and I get it. When I first got here I thought it was great that everyone rides bikes and there's so many bike lanes. After a while you realize that even in oh so bike friendly Europe no one respects the bicycle/cyclist as a road user and the bike lanes are actually mostly just faded stripes on a sidewalk that no one pays attention to. Now you introduce another form of mobility to an already overcrowded and dangerous infrastructure... well, suffice to say the accidents have already started happening.

Anyway I see what you're saying, but I don't think it's as black and white as "people are lazy or they're not."
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 @ssteve: The only reason people aren't going to bike, walk or scoot over 8 or 10km is simply laziness. You do touch on the point of less able bodied people using e-bikes but I don't agree that elderly people always fit into the same category simply for their age. However I do totally agree that when an electric assist bike is used by someone who is more than able to pedal themselves under their own power, then it oftenow brings unnecessary speed and an increased element of danger for anyone involved.
My point is that electric assist or in this particular scooter case, electronically powered, has a purpose in helping those who have the ability to control a human powered vehicle but not the physical capabilities. And for that I am all for it. We all know the case of Paul Basagoitia and thanks to electronic assist he can again enjoy mountain biking. Another thought I will mention is Scotty Cranmer who last i saw was not riding an e-bmx. He is a quadriplegic who has managed to get back to being on his bike but the flat areas he rides have no need for an electric motor.
For the average Joe who has no debilitating injury or physical condition then the only purpose of electronic assist is to get a greater return from less effort. And this is what the world has turned to in so many aspects.
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 High fives or fist bumps after every trick is so cringey. Fucking stop it
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 Probably can’t get both tires off the ground at the same time
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 I'll get off with yr mom! She can ride my knob

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