Video: Madison Saracen Launches 2020 Team

Apr 8, 2020
by Saracen Bikes  

With the race season on hold and lockdown in full force, what are Danny Hart and Matt Walker to do?

A fun film - created with professionally trained actors and before any restrictions were in place - with a serious message!

We wanted to show off our new Saracen bikes and Madison Clothing kit at the opening round of the World Cup but with racing off for the foreseeable we created this short video instead.

Enjoy the edit, follow the government guidelines and we'll be back racing bikes soon.


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 Madison Saracen sounds like an investment firm that strictly trades in rare coin commodities. Are Saracen bikes big in Europe? Just curious because I don't think I've ever seen one in the U.S.
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 Madison are the Shimano (and other) distributor in the UK . and Saracen has been around making bikes since 1987, they had mixed fortunes in the full suspension world but are making inroads now.
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 Sounds more like a porn star.
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 Danny Hart is a really good actor. His deadpan is all time - so good he could make it in the WWE. His staredown game is unparalleled.
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 I'd quite like to go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for this all to blow over right now Smile
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 who remembers that purple Tufftrax from back in the day? Ooh yeah
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 YES, though I only had the blue Mt Iger. 1st bike I save for an bought myself £400
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 Video has 2021 40, pic has 2020...which one they selling bikes with this year?
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 Our 2020 Myst bikes have been on sale since September 2019, so are spec'd with 2020 forks and shocks. However, some of our 2021 models will feature the all-new Fox equipment. The team are supported brilliantly by Fox and that's why Danny and Matt are always on the latest equipment!
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 @SaracenBikes: Sick. Thanks for the response. Fingers crossed the boys get to race this year!
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 @SaracenBikes: Heck yeah for being on point to respond Smile
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 Little bit pregnant or too many cakes?
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 Dadbod, he's got a kid now
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 Aren't they breaking the lockdown rules in filming the pre amble to the riding?
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 @Saracen , when you gonna release a mullet myst to the public ? for us height challenged people ????
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 Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can just chuck a 27.5 wheel in the back in the high geo setting and it will work
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 2021 team, not 2020; unfortunately.
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 boom fun!

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