Video: Mammoth Mountain Opens New eMTB Trail

Jul 23, 2020
by Mammoth Mountain  
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Mammoth Bike Park's newest bike trail, the creatively named "Bosch eMTB Flow Trail," opens this week, and it was designed specifically with e-bikes in mind. Punchier climbs with some steeper grades, uphill rollers and uphill rock gardens are punctuated by flowy drops with some playful features sprinkled throughout. The trail is designed to get new riders familiar with the capabilities and ride characteristics of e-bikes.

- Length: .7 miles
- Vertical drop: 165’
- Number of features: 11, including:
- Corrugated box
- Teeter-totter
- Uphill rock garden
- Whale Tail jump (step up-step down)
- Uphill rollers

Uphill rock garden


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 I dont think the people who ride ebikes want more challenging trails, they just want to ride the same trails as everyone else with less effort
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 I am an e biker who loves trying to climb steep trails I would never even think about going up on a regular bike, especially steep old logging and 4x4 roads. But the flow climbs are nothing special, it's sorta nice to have some flow on the climb but nothing special.
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 Using the old 4x track for an eMTB trail at a bike park with a lift...ok Mammoth. Also, not the first teeter-totter in the bike park. They used to have a sweet DJ and wood skinny park at the bottom of Kamikaze back in the 2000's. Bring that back Mammoth!
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 Would be SICK to run the park all day, then hit some dirt jumps (was it by Red's?) 'til sundown.
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 Did it need to be 4 wide?
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 @scvkurt03: go to HIGHLAND MTB PARK
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 @chilepepperbikeshop: always wanted to... I’m far more local to Mammoth, tho.
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 Nice, they manufactured braking bump feature. Lol.
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 Need one into every corner. At least then it would be consistent
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 0.7 miles...I hope they have a grand opening of the trail with fireworks.
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 I'm sorry but nothing here appears to be anything I cant ride on an analog bike. Not to sound like I'm flexing as I'm a moderate technical climber at best. that said none of this looks too hard.
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 The opposite of analog is digital not electric, so really it should be "acoustic"? lmfao. but should we call them "normal" bikes? idk man.
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 @mariomtblt: if we start calling them "old school bikes" then the motorcyclists win.
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 @Lanebobane: How about we just call them bikes?
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 @mariomtblt: NOOOOOO! No effin way man. There's a discussion on my local trail page where a guy won't stop referring to regular bikes as acoustic bikes. Dumbest sh*t ever. I'm trying to kill the trend over there too. Bikes without motors are bikes, and bikes with motors are ebikes. Period.
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 @zachyc: bikes with motors and pedals are mopeds.
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 @zachyc: I think I agree with everyone here that "traditional" bikes should just be called bikes. haha I can't imagine referring to a bike as acoustic IRL.
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 Does anyone know the weight limit for e-mtbs? I have been eating so much since covid and I am thinking about switching to an e-bike.
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 If only Mammoth had good dirt to make the bike park as good as their winter parks. It would be like Whistler South.

Still, excited that they're putting effort into the park & can't wait to borrow and ebike & check it out!

Good job @MammothMountain !
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 So how does this kind of trail show what an emtb can really do? #nothelpingmatters
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 This is pretty cool. eMTBs are giving access to mountain biking to people that may not have otherwise participated. Keep up the great work MammothMountain!
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 It is not mountain biking, it is a different sport.
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 eMTB's are giving people access to lift service that they didn't have access to before?
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 "You call that a rock garden?" - Eddy Merckx
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 It is a decorative patio.
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 I don't get to ride enough so I am frequently going in and out of shape. An eBike would be super helpful in allowing me to tackle more strenuous trails while I build up my fitness to a level where I can ride it without assist.
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 The inspiration for the "corrugated box" feature is what happens when you don't have money for a house because you spent it all on an eMTB.
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 Que the e-bike hate... Does seem kinda strange to take an ebike to lift serviced terrain, but I guess if that is your only bike/bike with the most suspension then go for it.
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 Doesn’t it make more sense to have an uphill climb trail for the ebikes to ride back up to the top instead of taking the chairlift? Or does that already exist
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 I would’ve called it a cross country trail not an ebike trail..
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 I'm amazed by the amount of people taking ebikes on the lifts at Mammoth, clearly the typical SoCal weekender that makes the majority of visits isn’t hurting for $. Unfortunately the loose cinder soil, inexperienced riders and heavy bikes are tough on trail maintenance, as the singletrack gets really blown out in the best of circumstances. With that in mind the 4x kinda makes sense.
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 the real question is how much does an Emtb cost to rent there...
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 So, are non-ebikes allowed on the ebike designated trail?
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 And do I get hate for riding it too slow?
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 so a shitty dirt bike track? got it
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 ill stick to the free local moto trails if i want pavers and blow out corners.
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 So Mammoth doesn't have a lift?
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 The guy with the hose knows the score.
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 They turned the trail crew into cobble stoners with all that rock work.
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 Built...... GAF
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