Video: Manon Carpenter - A Fort William Saga

Jun 9, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

It's the World Cup event everyone wants to win. The atmosphere, the fans, the excitement, the hype. Fort William. Something special.

For Madison Saracen's Manon Carpenter a win in the Scottish Highlands is a long-cherished dream. Last year she was close but a flat tire during her race run ended all hopes. Now she is back, determined to triumph with the rainbow jersey around her shoulders.

Shimano Race TV followed Carpenter in her pursuit of that elusive Fort William win. See the drama unfold as we take you as close as you can get to the World Champion in this mini documentary.

MENTIONS: @shimano @SaracenBikes

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 Well memed sir, well done indeed.
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 Was expecting the "Oh look, a penny!" meme, but that was even better.
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 Whoever stole Simon Patons Pinkbike banners from the finish line, can you please return them
  • 20 2
 Whoever took those, you really need to give them back. Pinkbike don't pay to replace them. He's giving a 7 day amnesty. After that, we will find you long before the police do...
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 Lets hang them by their balls
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 That's bad... What would they possibly want to do with them without someone noticing? Hope they're found
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flag YouAreWelcome (Jun 9, 2015 at 14:15) (Below Threshold)
 @Taylor500 Good luck with that… @thestigmk1 are you making e-threats?? haha you retard
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 What a hard hit that Manon took cant believe she got back on her bike and had a smile at the end. Hats off to you Manon. Great rider really tough Woman! Total Respect.
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 she took her hat off too...well just her visor...I see on instagram tahnee coined her the cannonbaaaaal now
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flag YouAreWelcome (Jun 9, 2015 at 14:16) (Below Threshold)
 she only fell because she's a girl
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flag YouAreWelcome (Jun 10, 2015 at 4:16) (Below Threshold)
 ^^^it was a f*cking joke. you f*cks on this site get so butt hurt by the dumbest shit. sorry for offending you dry pricks...
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 She's a champ. I have a cat named Manon.
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 I also wear my Fox rain jacket while making pancakes.
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 Manon has all my respect. Going for that finish line jump.....sheer balls. Getting up, staggering, and finishing to a podium....tougher or as tough as any man we have ever seen in this sport. That look on Rachel's face....she witnessed a game changer....the men where a great storyline this race. The women, even better if you ask me.
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 Manon seem like a pretty cool girl, she jump a lot of bieks and doesnt afraid of anything
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 It's an older meme sir but it checks out.
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 so sad seeing her eat dirt. I hope she is ok...........riders are good at hiding major injuries and her shoulders looked cooked. Such an amazing woman.
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 She said through Facebook that there were no serious injuries; she'll be racing next round
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 And in the meantime I bet the UCI are going "See, told you helmet cams would have been bad."
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 how bout that destroyed hemet? She's so lucky her face was not all cut up. Wow she's tough.
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 It's kind of funny that she was saying how excited she was to be using her new helmet before the race. At least she knows it works now!
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 That looked like a potentially event, if not season ending wreck. Guess she came down just right to roll, plus she hit the ground where it was pitched just right. Damn, the force of that impact must still have been outrageous. Getting up from that shows some serious grit.
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 She looks like a girl but has quite a set of balls on her. To sack up for that jump in an attempt to do what she thought she needed to do to win, absolutely kicks ass. To get back up after that hit - mucho respect.
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 She looks like a badass woman and incredible rider with a lot of grit. No balls necessary.
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 On the toughness scale, that puts her right up there with Emmeline Ragot and Tracey Hannah for positively pounded and getting right back at it. Who can forget Windham 2012?

Tough as nails!
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 showed this to my girlfriend, she be like "women do this weird stuff too?.."
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 I was hoping you'd go for that jump. I'm still glad you did. Champions put it all on the line - without risk there is no reward.
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 I think it was Betty White who said "I don't know why everyone says grow a pair of balls, their all sensitive and weak. What you SHOULD say is grow a vagina, those things can take a pounding!!"
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 I was watching the race with my mom when she crashed.....we were both shocked she got up. And that's why you where back plates. Either way GREAT RUN!!!!
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 I believe she was the only female to hit the jumps at the end. That was a hard fall to get up from. She is an awesome racer.
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 I freakin love this chick NO FEAR!
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 Mad Respect! I was watching this live online and she went for it. No regrets
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 Wow, she still manages to smile after such a spill (and finish 4th). Respect!
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 Between her crash and Tracy Hannah's at Lourdes the women have been taking the worst crashes of the season imo
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 Hard as fook, she should mate with ratboy and spawn some invincible children
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 I think they are Wink
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 what a great video - super pro and involving. Thats the kind of stuff I would watch on mainstream tv and im sure others would as well. thanks
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 Can anyone tell me when she started being sponsored by monster? Only noticed it this weekend
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 Because this was her first weekend as a Monster athlete!
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 .... so The Prince pocketed the shoe and vowed to find and marry the girl to whom it belonged...
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 She still had two shoes on at the finish line. The thing flying off into the crowd was probably her helmet visor - 90% of that was gone. Could have also been an ankle/wrist brace.
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 She stayed at our camp site.
She smiled at me and something happened.

We are now married but she's keeping her name. Manon Manson doesn't fit she says!! Frown
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 much respect to Manon. She's an amazing rider and not sure of too many guys would get up from that crash.....
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 Dude. You are mixing that pancake batter *WAY* too much. Just barely wet the dry ingredients -- still lumpy....
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 my heart stopped in that fall. strong girl!!!
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 if it wasn't for the landing you would have thought she was supergirl.
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 She's just great! I really had granted her the victory.
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 Typical Welsh toughness and bottle. Awesome girl!
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 Big Respect!!!
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 Manon is a terminator!
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 Does her hair not annoy her when riding?
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 Manon, humble respect!!
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 nasty Breakfast !
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 I think she's a catwoman...
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 Well, she was a wild cat in one vidSmile
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