Video: Manuel Lettenbichler Follows Uncle Ray Down the iXS Cup Test Session Track

Jul 5, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesManuel Lettenbichler follows Uncle Ray down the race track at the IXS #NotARace Test -Session in Schladming. Johannes Fischbach


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 I spent the entire video just waiting for that rear wheel to explode!
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 Yep that looks broken sometimes! Maybe this bike is a bit over its intended use haha
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 At first I thought you made a lame joke about him beeing fat but then I realized what bike he uses.
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 Uncle Ray is a fukcing nutter.
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 He kept it together for so long, that ending came as surprise.
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 possibly the best course preview ever... Uncle Ray getting LOOSE
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 I didnt know little Lette was a shredder on MTB, Good stuff
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 I was waiting for the rear wheel to fall out. Shredding in the true since of the word.
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 holy shit!
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 That ending is a classic for that type of riding!
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 Even more insane that it was on an e-bike. Proper loose riding there.
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 This Guy needs a vid with Eddie masters. #fa(s)tmtbikersmatter
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 siiiiiiick! Uncle Ray for redbull wc dh track previews!!!
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 Glad I'm not the only one who thought that rear wheel looked as if it would fall off at any moment! Thought my video player was glitching out or something.
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 Uncle Ray's masterclass in inside lines
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 Now do it the other way round on an exc300tpi through Carl's dinner.
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 Rob Warner meets Manuel
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 What a guy! Should I be doing that thing were he sticks his foot out more often? I am just a beginner after all, and maybe this is something pro's do to look cool!
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 Isn't it schladming notaracetrack?
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 "just a casual first ride" AHAHAH loose mind inside that head men!!!
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 Whats next black face DH?
How is fat suit not offensive?
Are obese not allowed to be interested in MTB?
Please think about these things before you post something straight up offensive.
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 SJW much!!!!
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 Whats this critical mountain bike theory? Cheer up and let the people have some fun. If anything this shows that fat people can shred as hard as they like. Actually I find every video offensive because I cant go as fast as these people. What so slow mountain bikers shouldn't be allowed to ride downhill? So discriminatory. I'm a slow mountain biker minority. Critical Slow Mountain Biker Theory. Buck Up mate.
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 Thanks for subjugating those who have self image issues mate.
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 I would be a bit worried that crashing in that helmet ...
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