Video: Manuel Scheidegger Claims World's First Wheelied Everest

Jun 22, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

We've been posting a lot of Everesting stories recently as pro riders look to take on a mammoth challenge while in lockdown. Both the men's and women's records have been smashed in recent weeks plus we've seen other attempts on the North Shore and even on in the shadow of the mountain itself.

The latest attempt comes from Manuel Scheidegger who wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary. For his Everesting attempt, he claims to have climbed a staggering 8,848 vertical metres while wheelieing. The attempt took him over 20 hours, nearly 3 times as long as the current Eversting record, and he also claims this is the first time someone has done it all on one wheel in history. A video of his efforts is above

Manuel completed the challenge while collecting money for Wheels4Nepal, with the hopes of building a bike workshop for street kids in Pokhara. His donation page can be found here.

Manuel's entry in the Everesting Hall of Fame can be found here.

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 Was it a Wheelie or a Manuel?
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flag WinoBot (Jun 22, 2020 at 11:05) (Below Threshold)
 *Manual. Wheelie implies seated position and pedaling.
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 @WinoBot: woooosh
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 @matt-15: So high above, it might as well have been in an SR-71!
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 Surprised “Manuel” isn’t a popular name for mountain bikers’ kids. I personally know mountain bikers who’ve named their kids Turner (yes, they owned Turner DH and trail bikes), Ryder, Carver (middle name), Lance, etc. And dog names Schralp, Shredder, and the Golden Retriever trail dog duo Gnarly & Rad. Manuel Ryder _____ could be a cool name... =P
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 @WRCDH: I had a cat called Marzocchi.
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 @tremeer023: my cat's breath smells like cat food...
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 Knew someone would beat me to it. LOL. His name’s Manuel, that’s just too perfect. Big Grin
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 @megaold: Me fail english? That’s umpossible
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 @megaold: when I grow up I'm going to Bovine university.
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 @w0dge: Might as well have been a satellite!!
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 @megaold: Get your finger out of your nose!!
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 Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!
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 @WRCDH:I named my boy Carver, and im Poppa Wheelie I guess....always thought it was a 'Manual" though, cool name either way
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 Not the first time it's been done on one wheel - it's been done on a unicycle:

He carried all that extra weight of a frame and a fork for nothing!
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 I struggle with believing this to be honest. It is incredibly taxing to do this on two wheels and knowing how much more physically demanding it is to wheelie, particularly a road bike, I have a hard time coming to terms with this.

Most of the wheelie records are set with special "bikes" that are MUCH easier to wheelie due to offset rider weight or optimized frame geometry.....
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 I know personally after riding several wheelies over 6 miles and a handful out to 9 that your forearms are dead. Shoulders are sore. I’m with you on this. It’s kind of hard to believe he wheelied for 139 miles in one day!
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 @scotttherider: Yeah it might be bullshit.
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 @scotttherider: right! I was all about wheelies when I was younger, never any more than 6 miles, but I could pretty much go forever and I was destroyed after 5 minutes....let alone several's way more difficult on a ROAD bike which has horrible geometry for wheelies.
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 @RadBartTaylor: I always did them on my xc hardtail. It had a massive sweet spot on it. On my darkside I can get to about a mile these days. Not as fit as I was back in the early 2000’s.
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 @scotttherider: He didn't. He only wheelied the climbs. Remember it's the elevation gain that counts. Any descent or flat he was riding normally. I mean, I still agree that it's highly doubtful but I think a lot of people may have misunderstood this.
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 @jiimmm4: that's a good point. Also worth mentioning that it took him 20 hrs, descending 5 times as quick as climbing, I bet he spent 17 hrs 'theory'...
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 I'm the guy who did this wheelie everesting. Yes, it was very painful. But it hurts more that you don't believe me. There were over 10 people present who can testify. There were also two newspaper journalists who made a report. Here you can see:
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flag englertracing (Jun 22, 2020 at 18:33) (Below Threshold)
The video doesn't make it clear that it wasn't one continuous wheelie which would be impossible
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 His average speed (combined up and down) was ~10km/hr. Now that makes it somewhat believable tbh.
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 @swiss-manuel: hey man I'm not saying it's not possible but damned you must have monster forearms! I'm very impressed that you did it on a road bike as well man!
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 @swiss-manuel: No matter what you accomplish in life, there's always going to be doubters. Very impressive to even attempt this, let alone to be able to actually complete this "Wheelie Everest". To make things even more difficult, you do it on a road bike. Wow. Great job Manuel, I'm a fan.
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 @swiss-manuel: Congrats Man! Most of the people in our group can get about 6 or 7 crank rotations into a wheelie before losing our shit. I can't imagine how stressful it was. Even if I somehow developed the skill to wheelie that long, I guarantee my mind would step in screw me over. That is a really neat thing raising money for a shop like that too. Way to get some!
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 @englertracing: You mean the part where it shows him descending at a high rate of speed and not riding a wheelie?
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 @swiss-manuel: you legend! Well done. The Swiss Peter Sagan Wink
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 "hold my beer", Courage Adams
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 Sorry but for stuff like this you have to do it on the Wheelie Wednesday otherwise it don't count
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 CLAMS haha
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 Funny how they threw that in....
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 This record is wheelie dubious
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 damn boy, I live exactly there and I heard nothing about that ! Well done !
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 This comes 2 years late, Markel already did it in 2017 -->
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 It says the challenge will happen two days later (video poster on June 22nd, challenge date June 24th) and there's no other videos about it on the channel...
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 That's wheelie good.
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 How on earth is that possible?????
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 Gruezi! Wink
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 I will out Everest all Everesters, when I do my Everest blindfolded!!
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 I think a spanish rider Markel Uriarte completed the same challenge 3 years ago.
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 Anyone else notice that the feed heading of this post was "Rider clams..." ?
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 Only counts if he never set the front wheel down.
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 This guy aint human
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Otro everesting a una rueda
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 Looks like he wore a Chamois in his shorts too. Clever man.
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 Markel Uriarte did this three years ago...
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 yno. some of us cant wheelie our drive ways
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 Don't believe it. Seriously. That's not possible.
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 jesus that insane
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 this is silly clearly you need a fat bike for everest
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 he wheelied 200k??!!!
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 Not even fair.
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 But why?
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