Video: Marcelo Gutierrez Explores the Amazing Coffee Zone in Colombia

Dec 15, 2020
by Marcelo Gutierrez  

It's time to know the land that I have always called home, the Colombian Coffee Zone. I was born in a town called Manizales which is one of the three capital cities of this region. The other two capital cities are Armenia and Pereira and they all make up one of the most famous touristic regions of my country. This is due to its amazing landscape, the abundance of coffee crops and peoples traditions. In this region, the altimetry changes are perfect for any type of bike. In this opportunity, we enjoy our enduro and road bikes.


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 This article needs smell-o-vision.
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 Ha! That's funny stuff right there. Cheers!
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 absolutely love this series. I've been taking Spanish classes so I can connect with the people when I travel to Central and South America. I dream of collaborating with the coffee farmers to build trails amongst their land and bring eco-tourism to the region.
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 Come to Ecuador
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 that would be an amazing show, like Dangerous Grounds but with Coffe and MTB, i would watch that...

@brianpark if you ever run out of ideas about content this is an idea.
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 just wow! amazing videos! we have been to Colombia not even a year ago, it truly is a beautiful country with friendly people and too much to see for 5 weeks. now seeing this combined with biking makes me wanna go there again even faster! also, envious much??? what a LIFE!!
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 I dont understand much of the Spanish but I could listen to that guy talk all day
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 it has subtitles !
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 Marcelo this is sick! Love seeing quality stuff from Latin America, great to practice my Spanish and get in touch with where my family is from.
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 Did anyone else see a giant chasing a child in that thumbnail???
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 Can't unsee!
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 bien ahi Marcelo, que chimba!
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 muy bonitto documental marcelo, enhorabuena
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 Coffee, bikes and nature. Life is good.
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 No riding here
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 Where is the Coke?

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