Video: Marcelo Gutierrez Helps Build and Rides a Wild Trail on Cerro Bravo Volcano

Oct 24, 2020
by Marcelo Gutierrez  

This year has been a transition and transformative year. I have been known always as a racer, the Colombian Champion DH rider. Things have changed in a certain way around my life's purpose. Being reachable, have the chance to help others, share knowledge, push the Latins to improve not only in their riding skills but also in their trails and even better to make us proud of who we are and what we have.

The first 2020 Hidden Gem was without a doubt, a project that I never imagined would be so challenging. Work at almost 4,000 meters above sea level, for 4 days, with 7 men (and 5 dogs) with a single objective: one-day riding.

In Colombia as in all countries, we have a bunch of trails and a lot of enthusiasm. A couple of years ago I did my first project digging on local trails with a great crew, which made me realize how much more can be done and how grateful people are when you teach them. It is all about sharing, helping, riding bikes and having a good time because at the end all of us want good tracks!


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 Espectacular @GUT1ERREZ !! Que bien ver hermanos latinoamericanos sacando adelante este deporte y verte tan implicado en todo esto en tú país natal, sé que no es fácil ni sencillo hacerlo, hay mil impedimentos y hay que remover cielo y tierra para lograr hacer las cosas.
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 Red Bull should have got them a Heli ride for the test run and session runs later on; like they do for all the snowboarders / skiers,etc.....
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 Oh wow another trail in such small period of time!! Marcelo’s really putting in that OT in Colombia. Un fuerte abrazo a mis hermanos colombianos!!
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 Amazing looking trail! Un trabajo muy bien hecho, un abrazo desde el pais vasco.
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 that is a great attitude; to teach and share, this way mtb community can grow much faster and with even more enthusiasm. Great job Marcello Guiterrez!
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 Wish I was there to help and shred a volcano
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 By the looks of that volcanic rock, it seems likely that the volcano would look forward to shredding a few mountain bikers, too!
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 Where the trail starts... Looks awesome!
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 That's a pretty rad looking trail!
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 Well, that was sick.
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 Fantastic work .. the first drop in ..bliss
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 this is a MUST WATCH!
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 nice one

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