Video: Marcelo Gutierrez's Full Throttle Track Preview From Vallnord

Jul 5, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Marcelo Gutierrez takes over track preview duties from Gee Atherton in the Pyrenees.

bigquotesltitude in Andorra! Marcelo Gutierrez steps into the thin air of Vallnord for the 2019 Course Preview. Flocks of DH fans will gather o the hillsides of Andorra as the UCI MTB World Cup hosts both Downhill and Cross-Country World Cups this weekend.Red Bull


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 Riding that track and talking in a language that isn´t his native language. Sorry but that is seriously impressive. I struggle to talk Spanish when I´ve had a long day and 3 or 4 beers. Great preview, nicely done.
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 No shit, very impressive. I cannot even speak english when things get gnarly and its essentially my only language
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 Manly! You know it’s really steep when it looks steep on GoPro!! Let er rip racers!!
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 Totall agree. Camera footage flattens things our tremendously. That looks steep and Hell on camera!! Wow
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 Great to see another rider having the opportunity to share the Red Bull track preview.
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 They are using RB athletes for track previews?
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 Yes Redbull should mix it up everytime
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 Marcello is probably just about the fittest...makes sense on a track like this...most others would have a hard time getting any words out unless they tone the riding way down.
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 What the hell ist that second camera angle for? please RB stop using that footage, all it does is make us miss important parts of the track!
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 Maybe it's intended to make us miss some important part of the track? Like Marcelo says "Hey, so this one spot I have a really sneaky line I don't want everyone to see, can we hide it somehow?"
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 They wanted to show you how steep the track is. The camera points literally vertically upwards. The trees are leaning into the view 360 degrees. So this time it wasn't such a bad idea.
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 vallnord never looked so easy....wouldn't try it eather. got armpump only watching it!!
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 Damn that looked fast.
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 and steep.
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 jesus got tired just watching it
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 John 11:35 ?
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 @GeeHad: I would say exodus!
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 I would love a show called "Average Joe Track Preview" where a competent but average rider does a track preview. This would really show how difficult these tracks are. Pros can make the difficult look easy.

...and I just realized I'm missing Claudio's track previews.
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 A mate of mine was there a couple of years ago, he's sponsored by a local shop and regularly podiums at regional enduro races, so I'd class him as above average. He said walking sections of this track was terrifying and there's no way he'd attempt to ride it.
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 If you want to see how steep and gnarly that track is, they should send down an amateur rider. Pros make tracks look easier than they are in real life. Nicely done Marcelo
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 You'd be sitting here for half an hour watching them walk down half the track though Razz
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 @KxPop: If the money and the benefits package was right I'd rag doll myself down the race trails for your viewing pleasure. There would be substantially less commentary and 100% more vomiting, though.
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 Ok, I'll do it. I hope you guys enjoy the sound of a grown man crying and power sh!tting his pants.
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 @viccuus: Those are my number 1 and 2 turn ons, actually. Do you have a premium Snapchat by chance?
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 @Session603: Yahoo! My first customer! And my wife said that account would never pay for itself! Session, we could do it together! Call it "two guys, one dumpster fire."
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 "There are some options up there, you just do what ever you think is best right?" Chilled approach to track analysis.

The steep bit bends my brain.

Best preview all year.
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 Every second that we are forced to stare at the underside of the riders chin is a second of track that isn't being previewed. FYI red bull.
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 interesting difference in exhaustion between this run and that of Mr Minn. maybe Greg was holding his breath most of the way down, taped up the mic on the cam? Razz
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 Marcelo’s English got better as the track got steeper
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 Great job MG!!!!
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 Yes Marcelo! That was awesome. You know a track is tough when someone so burly has to work that hard! Have a great race!
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 Holy shit Marcelo is good.
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 Knowing this track well... omg that was fast
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 the only place where my saints squealed!!!!
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 I freaking love this guy
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 Is Marcelo also on a mullet bike (29 front, 27.5 rear)?
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 doesn't Giant marketing department say 29er are no good?
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 Giant and Marcelo forever!
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 Damn. Gnarly track!

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