Video: Marcelo Gutierrez's Top Gym Exercises & Skill Drills to Improve Your Riding

Mar 27, 2021
by Marcelo Gutierrez  

On many occasions I have been asked what to do, how to do it and for what? Well, ladies and gentlemen, improving on the bike does not happen by magic, it requires a lot of work on the bike and under it. Here I leave you a series of technical and gym exercises that if you apply them regularly and with the help of a trainer in the case of gym exercises, I assure you that you will see improvement. I insist: it is not overnight or in a matter of a few weeks. This is about time, dedication, discipline, and perseverance.

I did this all the time during my competitive seasons. It served me more than I could imagine. So today I leave them to you so that you can enjoy your bikes more and more.

This was content from last year that had gone unpublished.

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 Marcelo’s YouTube channel has some great content.
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 I am glad you appreciate it my friend
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 Awesome look behind the 'magic.'
The Isaac Asimov quote- "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
I would say to Marcelo, "Any sufficiently patient and persistent preparation is indistinguishable from magic."
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 That could not be more accurate
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 That was awesome.... too bad I can only do like 3 things in that whole video
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 keep practicing
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 Amazing... really shows the effort one needs to become awesome. Watching those bunny hop exercises I can see why I can't clear a gap, I can't even hop half that high - lol. Great content!
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 Patience and perseverance
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Just so you know, after watching this video I went and joined a gym and asked my personal trainer to review this video!
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 Just goes to show you that a picture is worth a thousands words. Since I don’t speak Spanish, I was still able to watch and learn from the video.
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 Really? Subtitles are a thing. Hit the little white square with the CC.
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 Subtitles available though
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 @goffboy: You sir, are good $hit!
Thank You for the hint!
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 Marcelo, they lied to you. That's not a swing.
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 It’s an American swing.
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 @stinkball: It's a Crossfit offspring that should have died at birth. You wanna put a kettlebell overhead ballistically? Great! Do a snatch.
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 @Janosch: the best argument I’ve heard against the American swing is that it puts your shoulders in an unnatural position. As someone with a bad shoulder, that was enough to convince me to stick to regular swings.
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 That was super helpful, thanks buddy!
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 Gracias Marcelo
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 Me acuerdo que me mencionabas esto en el Santisimo de Peru el 2015. Abrazo gran Marce y Miguel
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 Thats so sick! ! !
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 Secrets! Thanks for sharing Marcelo, very interesting. I'll see how many I can do...
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 Very good! Learned alot from this!
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 Los Wochos
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 Top vid, thank you
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 I like it
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