Video: Mark Matthews Hits Big Jumps on a Small Bike in 'Hometown Trails'

Dec 3, 2019
by Mark Matthews  

Words by Mark Matthews
Video by Scott Bell Visuals with additional footage from Danny Gariepy
Photography by Cole Pellerin, Mark Matthews, and Ale Di Lullo

We spent a couple days down in the greater Victoria region to highlight some of the areas I grew up riding. All the way from Sooke to Sidney. I chose the Marin Hawk Hill for this project to see how hard I could push the bike. The bike is designed to be a playful trail bike with only 120mm of rear travel. I thought I would set mine up to be able to handle some bigger hits. I put a 130mm SR Suntour Auron fork up front and set the suspension up a little stiffer than you would for regular trail riding.

Cole Pellerin Photo

Mark Matthews Photo
The bike was a blast out there!

Cole Pellerin Photo
Cole Pellerin Photo
The locations we shot are also very special to me. We started off in Sooke up on Mount Quimper. From the fire lookout we dropped into some local favourites, like Airflow and K2. The fast, technical, rocky lines weaving in and out of arbutus forest is what I love about riding on southern Vancouver Island. I immediately feel at home in this sort of terrain because I grew up learning to ride in these places.

Cole Pellerin Photo
Next up it was time to check out a small forest I have spent countless hours building in. Back in 2012 I shot a film here called Sweat Equity with Aaron Larocoque to showcase all the lines I had been quietly working away on for almost 2 years. 7 years later, the zone is still full of my original dirt jumps, step downs, berms, and other freeride hits.

Photo by Ale Di Lullo
Earlier this year, Jordie Lunn took over the spot to freshen up the lines and add some of his own unique features to the zone. Jordie was one of my best friends and I was so stoked to see him bring this place back to life! Some of the old dirt take-offs were replaced with big/steep wooden ramps in ROUGH AF fashion, and a couple new hits were added in.

Cole Pellerin Photo
Although Jord and I only got a few sessions in together here, I will cherish every second of those rides. He made this already meaningful spot even more special to me. We filmed this video one week before his passing. #LiveLikeJordie

Photo by Ale Di Lullo

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 God damn, I really enjoyed that.
  • 18 0
  • 9 0
 Freecountry When your style and values align.
  • 11 0
 I thought you could only hit big jumps with bikes that had at least 180mm in the back and a dual crown fork??? Did these comments sections mislead me!?
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 rabble rabble rabble rabble!
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 CGI ofcourse Wink
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 For the first minute and a half I was like 'yeah, 120mm seems like the right choice for those trails.'

Then I was like 'hmmm, maybe a little rowdier- let's call it good with 140mm or so?'

Finally I was just like 'nope, not even on a DH bike.'

That was fantastic. Definitely some Jordie spirit in there.
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 What name's slapped on the bike doesn't matter. Who's on the bike does. Sick riding right there.
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 Anyone who's anyone in the South Island MTB scene. Knows where these zones are and what's up. Riding them on a little bike (120mm) takes skills and balls. Respect.
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 120 looks perfect for that trail! So much fun. And slick video production too. Very nice.
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 just moved to vic for uni, could ya drop or message me some of those spots? I've only really been riding prevost and zhou
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 @dk861: Hey welcome to the island! Many of the good riding zones here in the CRD are listed on and kept pretty well updated. I would suggest checking out Heartland MTB park. Bear Mountain Bike park. Partridge Hills trails. Thetis Lake Park for a start. All these trail systems are listed on trailforks.
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 Awesome. Said it on your last edit...nothing beats this one still:

Gets me stoked to ride more than anything - was bummed not to see it on the best 50 list.
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 that was sweet!!!
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 Can any of you point me to where I can learn more about building wooden features on the trail? Particularly the ones like Jordie Lunn videos that seem to be made all from fallen trees. What kind of tooling is involved to cut those planks? And what kinds of methods are used to fasten the supporting structures?
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 YOUTUBE my friend
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 Free riding on a short travel trail bike. Respect.
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 Long travel slack hardtail or something like a Santa 5010? As a second bike... hmmm. What a conundrum.
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 So good. ROUGH AF
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 Awesome video. Really enjoyed that one.
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 120/130, so it's a Down Country bike then... Smile
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 Beautiful. The riding, the trail, the forest, the shots, ... I really miss BC
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 Local Bike shop better stock up on Hawk Hills
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 Great Video and riding,,,Jordie is smiling down at you !!!!
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