Video: Mark Matthews Rides Fast Flow on Vancouver Island

Sep 23, 2020
by Mark Matthews  

After 9 weeks off the bike, I'm finally back, and on a new bike! We hit some hidden gems on Vancouver Island that recently got a light sprinkle of rain. Everything was rolling fast, tacky, and was full of flow.
I can't think of a better place to ride a 29er for the first time!

Riding my @MarinBikes Alpine Trail
Additional footage by Scott Bell


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 As another short-ish guy who recently went 29er, I can say to the 27.5 die hards that 29 is, in fact, also fun
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 I, in fact, don't want to rip my b-hole open. Quite intrigued by mullet bikes though.
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 I’m only 5’6” and in fact that’s the reason why it took this long to go to big wheels. No complaints after that initial ride! The real test will be on steep terrain.
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 @colincolin: I have buzzed by butt hole a couple times on my new Canfield Nimble 9 butt its pretty none issue.
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 I hear you can't jump them big wheels though
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 Im 5'7 and ride a specialized stumpy evo 29 s3 and I had no problems going to the 29er, a little more effort for jumps and stuff but then that have had no issues and has been great!
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 You’re definitely a shredder Mark! I’d give anything to be able to ride those trails anytime I wanted.
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 Thanks buddy!
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 @mmatthews: man I think that's the first time I've been feeling scared watching someone go uphill
good effort
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 That was the first place I rode a 29er (sentinel)! The Cumberland trails are awesome!
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 Those trails are awesome, but they aren't Cumberland trails amigo
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 @gnarnaimo: shhhhhhhhh
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 @gnarnaimo: Delete please.
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 @jclnv: I didn't say where they were did I? I'm not going to doom the spot
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 @gnarnaimo: I know this is tongue in cheek. But judging by the parking lot every day this summer, the cats out of the bag on this one.
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 Nice man!
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 @Starsky686: The Hartland parking lot is very full these days....
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 Omg these trails are not a secret anymore, literally everyone knows about them yet people still pretend like they are secret. People are so desperate seem like they are "in the know".
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 "not just smooth single track" I donno dude looks pretty darn smooth to me
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 Love this trail so much. This made me decide where I'm riding tomorrow
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 The fastest trail there for sure!
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 might be a bit wet for that. the drainage needs to be sorted out there better. i rode there in the late spring during a sprinkle once and there were puddles everywhere.
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 @mmatthews: No doubt. Never noticed the stump gap over to the right, heard about it though. You know much about it?
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 @Darwin66: cant tell if this is sarcasm or serious lol
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 @deepstrut: I can’t tell either ????
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 @deepstrut: its a joke...
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 Where is that trail, i want to ride it!
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 is this the guy who has the annoying instagram ads?
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 Those ads make me more money than all my sponsors combined. In fact, they are the reason I’m in the position to be able to purchase my first home soon! But I am noticing negative comments like yours start to surface so maybe I need to re-evaluate my strategy. Thanks for the comment!
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 @mmatthews: wow thanks for the nice reply!
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 @Jabbatan: no thank you for the feedback, I’m always trying to improve my content and bring people value. Those ads are for a 100% free webinar that has helped a ton of people but the fact they have been running for months means the same people have probably seen them non stop haha. I wish there was a way you wouldn’t have to keep seeing them if you have already.
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 @mmatthews: Hey Mark, a marketer here. I don't do my own ads, I hire a guy for that because I don't want to learn it, and it allows me to use my time better, but I'm pretty sure there's a way to stop showing your ads to a user if they've seen it more than 7-10 times (or whatever works for you), if they didn't jump on the opportunity after that many times they likely wont for the 11th time either.
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 @mmatthews: Mark Mathews: such a nice guy that you can insult his work and he thanks you for the opportunity to improve.
a true Canadian ambassador!
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 I’ll look more into it. Thanks! @nhlevi:
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 @mmatthews: no shame in making a buck like this when you're also producing content and putting your body on the line. Still a notch above e-bike go-pro lines and that's even above some pros just riding the most popular trail on the shore for a new bike model video.

That being said, you looked better on a 27.5.
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 @counterpoint: Thanks man! I still got a 27.5 Wink
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 Courteney BC - is where this winter would be spent Smile
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