Video: Massive Change, Big Training Days & Frittata with Emily Batty & Laurie Arsenault

Jun 2, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

What do professional bike racers do behind the scenes? The second episode of Ambitions follows Emily Batty and her new Canyon MTB Racing teammate Laurie Arsenault through a "normal" training day—from frittata-making to ice cream stops on a long gravel ride.

bigquotesChange is difficult. I think we've been procrastinating with this whole project, because I had to be ready for this next massive step. We're not just changing bike manufacturers, we're changing data devices, getting new helmets, new clothing line, new equipment. Everything is ground up brand new, so it's definitely intimidating.Emily Batty

Ambitions episode 2 shows how a pro racer's day might start before dawn, in order to optimize training time and prioritize recovery. Why do an early morning spin before dawn breaks, before coffee? Like someone would use morning yoga or meditation, Emily uses a short morning spin to relax her mind and flush out her legs so she's ready for the day's real workout. "Morning time is the only time that you can really control," she says. "It's just peaceful."

We also get to know Emily's new teammate, Canadian U23 national champion Laurie Arsenault, a little better in this episode.

bigquotesShe's a rocket ship on the bike. I have so much respect for somebody that pushes their own personal limits and Laurie does exactly that with whatever we're doing. Her charismatic energy is also really infectious and contagious... I'm 32 and I have a lot of experience, but there's a very youthful, ambitious energy that Laurie brings to the table that I think will really benefit both of us.Emily Batty

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 I know people give Emily Batty a hard time, but it takes some serious mental and physical strength to get up every single day and train. Most of us ride for fun and will skip training or skip an after work ride if we're not feeling up to it. Professional athletes don't get that choice... they push themselves every day regardless of whether they have the motivation that day or not.
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 money... money helps. not trying to be rude, but it's true.
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 @ridingofthebikes: I think you can certainly argue that these riders are effectively self employed, therefore the harder they train the more income they have the potential to earn. However, it seems like the point you're making is that when you earn a lot (as Emily Batty probably does) you will train harder as a result? If so I don't agree with it. I think the better argument is that her training is responsible for her high income, not the other way around.
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 @goldfly: Kind of a chicken and egg thing. They make that much because they trained so they need to keep training to make that much.
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 You mean, just like a job? Surely it's the same with any other line of work isn't it? We all have to get up and go to work even if we don't really feel like it. And generally speaking the more effort you put in, the more return you get. I agree it's more physical as a professional athlete, but there's plenty of careers that are very challenging physically and psychologically that don't get enough recognition IMO
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 These girls are the real deal! So refreshing to see a video like this. Great job to Emily and all involved on this team making all of this happen. Win or lose these girls are very inspiring!
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 There are some video that are just too short. They make a great team, seem like such good friends already, and the colour grading was on point. Found myself with kitchen envy for sure then icecream envy. Lets not talk about gravel bike envy. omg those bikes look the real deal.
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 Id happily listen to an hour of Laurie chatting and pronouncing 'frittata' and 'hey google'
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 here you can: but it^s in french
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 The fridge tip looks promising, I'll give it a try.. Watch out Ramsey, there are serious cooking skills here!
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 Ice cream is a high risk/high reward food for long rides. Mix in a Mexican coke and you’ve got bonk kryptonite. Eat trash, ride fast ladies!
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 Funny you should say that - I've been thinking about chocolate milk for 50km races.
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 @iamamodel: “it’s so damn hot…milk…was a bad choice”
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 @iamamodel: from my experience, chocolate milk doesn't sit well at a race pace....
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 what if I'm lactose-intolerance?
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 Why didn't Laurie race in either of the world cups recently? Injury? Travel? Was just surprised to not see her named on the U23 lists.
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 Nevermind ignore me, I found her. Thought she was U23 but she raced elite.
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 She finished in the 50s at both races.
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 @mi-bike: Yeah, thought she was U23 and just hadn't looked down that far initially in elites.
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 Emily really went for the oatmeal instead of the frittata. That is some eating discipline.
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 What’s cookin good lookin?
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 Ha she got my Google to play Ed Sheeran music station.
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 That food really does looks good! Well done, ladies!

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