Video: Matt Hunter and the Shimano XTR M9000

Apr 15, 2014
by Anthill Films  


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 No wonder that Matt has to ride in the night. This new XTR is so ugly.
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 "Never second guess your first instinct" - well my first instinct is its ugly and falls short in key areas so i guess i won't be buying it.
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 This video doesn't do Mr. Hunter justice. It's a garbage ad with this named pinned to it.
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flag Protour (Apr 15, 2014 at 22:22) (Below Threshold)
 He could do himself justice and enter Rampage. What is he, a freerider who doesn't like to compete? A super awesome Special Ed tester who thought the Demo was super awesome? I'm just curious, how did this guy become relevant?
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 He's relevant cause he f*cking shreds ^^^
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 His friend got robbed that's why
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 Yo Protour, watch The Collective then get back to me.
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 Matt Hunter became relevant because he's fucking awesome. He does super cool rides and is a super cool person, and people dig that. He gets people stoked about riding, and that's probably the best thing a sponsored athlete could do.
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flag Protour (Apr 16, 2014 at 7:02) (Below Threshold)
 Like I said, I figured he was a "super awesome" guy. But you gotta compete if you want respect from me, and there is nothing he does on a bike that hundreds of other guys couldn't do. . This is not snowboarding.
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 Because getting respect from Protour is on everyone's agenda.
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 @protour I think he doesn't care about your respect.Sorry
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 @protour no one cares or respects you, what makes you think anyone would want your respect? what does snowboarding have to do with anything? some top guys compete, some don't in all sports. most pathetic troll award goes to!
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 @protour Matt competed at Rampage in 04 and got to the final day. He was also a major part of the collective and had parts in NWD. The guy is tremendously relevant. You don't get to be on specialized for a decade for not being relevant and really good at what you do.
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 hahahahaha please some tell this protour guy to shut the fork up, i bet he is just trolling, cant believe anyone could be this ingorant and stupid
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 @protour, I just had a look at your comments over the years on pinkbike. You seem to think you're pretty smart, you could teach us all a thing or two. Also seems like you have a lttle man crush on Gwin, cute.
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 The design of the xtr crank has just gone back 10 years. it looks like a wheel hub and not a very nice one at that. They had it nailed with the current model. Sweetest looking cranks on the market.
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 @Protour Just for the record I believe that I saw Matt Hunter competing at Rampage on lots of different occasions so he has competed in that among other events.
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 Protour is a natural born idiot.
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 lol, listen to protour. "blah blah blah" talking shit from a guy who has a bunch of photos of kids and girlfriend rides on his profile... Im sure mr. hunter is dismayed to not have YOUR respect, but then you don't have any of our respects and we all like matt So..... I agree with arkon though, this video is the first video of matt hunter that I didn't really dig, but its shimano so I wager it payed well. Still mad props to you matt hunter Salute
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 @Protour here.... watch until the end. Hunter has been shredding so hard on such a different level than most dudes for quite some time now. Shit, I wish I could shred and ride for Specialized and never have to race, thats ridiculous! Also the cheese wedge sender on one of the earlier Disorder's was siiiiiick, huge gap for a dude I'd never heard of and instant respect.
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 Rampage is a competition for the numbest nuts.
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 If trolls are idiots. those who feed them are beyond descriptions.
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flag Protour (Apr 17, 2014 at 8:39) (Below Threshold)
 Chyu, What do you feed your beard to make it look like the compost pile it has become?

I guess MHunter is like Tippie and Schley, Canadian freeriders living off the legacy of their past. Nothing wrong with that, but at least those two have some results.
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 What results do you have Protour, besides being a massive twat?
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 I schooled your dumb bucket of a brain in a couple debates on here.

Over 100 neg props, I'm so devastated! You clones really know how to make a real difference in the world, pushing those + & - buttons and changing the world for the better.

Things I learned on pb today:

1. It's a sin to question any Canadian Frerrider, regardless of their lack of results or accomplishments. Just assume that they have a great personality to make up for any shortcomings, that they "shred", are f'ing awesome, and blah, blah, blah "super cool" blah.

2. My pinkbike profile sucks. Again, completely devastated.

3. I'm apparently not respected by everyone. More devastation...
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 Whine somewhere else and deal with the fact that Matt Hunter deserves every sponsorship he has ever received.
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 Protour, freeride is one of the only disciplines where results don't really matter. Freeride is all about finding creative lines and having fun, not competing.
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 You can't do that shit with SRAM.
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 well, funny thing is, in polish "sram" means exactly, pardon my french, "i'm taking shit", that makes your argument both funny and shitty Smile
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 Sram is Polish for "im taking a dump?
I need to go to the biff to take a Sram.
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 "sram" is a transformed form of verb "srać" which means "to shit". therefore "im shitting" is the same as "ja sram". "sram" is the form that exists only for first person singular in present, so there you go, now you know some shit
that is why also you shouldnt ever wear SRAM trucker while in Poland Big Grin
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 well then SRAM is a perfect name for the company and its components.... shit. Salute

here in Canada SRAM also means shit Smile
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 it also means shame in slovenian according to google translate
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 Never feel shame in taking a sram.
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 ^ amazing
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 And in bulgarian it means literally shame. Wink
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 hahahhah, just too much Big Grin
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 In Australian it means bike shit.
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 So all jokes a side, is sram really that bad? i have had good experience with rock shock and sram shifting. Love shimano brakes, but when it comes to shifting and suspension I will take sram. Fox makes a good product, but i feel like the warranty is not as good and rock shock's product is equal to fox.
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 Yeh i love the feel of Shimano shifting… but after reading about this new xtr group i will deffs be on a sram XO1 for my next bike. I will never ever ever touch avid brakes and on the suspension side of things i see what is the best deal i can get. Working in a bike shop really allows for you to know the product and decide what you do and don't like. One of my mates has this little mantra when it comes to drive chains (not brakes or suspension) "Shimano for road and Sram for mountain".

Its just the small things that i don't like about sram - you have to take the entire front plate off the shifter to change the cable, the lever feel in my opinion is inferior to shimano, the brakes… well don't get me started about the lever feel and bleeding them, the suspension on rock shox has tighter seals which are consequently more durable and should allow for less dust to enter the lowers.

Basically, in my honest opinion, if you get Sram, Shimano/Fox and it is tuned up and in good condition it will be nice to ride (except for avid brakes).
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 hahahaha why are you guys so surprised?? half the videos and articles on here are commercials, some are more obvious than others. On another note, riding downhill trails at night is bad ass!! you really gotta be up on your game and stay focused, but it is so much fun if u got a good bike light.
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flag chyu (Apr 15, 2014 at 20:15) (Below Threshold)
 Just because we couldn't don't click on Matt Hunter link. doesn't mean you need to put him in 90% ad 10% Matt Hunter video.
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 ^ dont know where you got those percentages from.. i enjoyed it. i also agree that most of the videos we see are advertisements for something
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 This one is a bit more in your face, but overall to me AD $$ = more videos I watch while sitting on my ass at work.
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 Makes work so much better tho rite..
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 Every single riding video you see that features a sponsored rider (or any old rider for that matter) is an advertisement. If bike company 'X' sponsors a rider, the rider will be riding their sponsor's bike in the video, which is a form of advertising, even though it's not in your face like this video. The name on the frame will be seen as the rider rides past the camera, the presence of the brand name/logo is promoting the brand, which is what we call advertising. You see this rider absolutely shredding on this bike and you might think, "Hmmm I wouldn't mind buying this as my next bike". Same goes for when you see sponsor logos at the start of edits, it's advertising space.
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 I don't typically like complaining about this stuff, but why isn't this just an ad at the top or sidebar? It doesn't make sense to me for it to be its own entry. If there was some text to accompany the video, whether from PB or from Shimano, then sure. At least there's something talking about the tech rather than just a commercial.
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flag richierocket (Apr 15, 2014 at 16:52) (Below Threshold)
 Sell Out…
Too bad, so sad...
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 Because just like on Facebook, no one clicks on the sidebar ads so they insert them into the main "newsfeed". Too bad because the actual riding footage was top notch.
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 First off, I have nothing but respect for Hunter.

Okay, moving on. This is an ad, a well produced ad (thank you Anthill and Hunter), but still an ad. How does this serve the PB community? If I want my content interrupted with ads, I'll go to YouTube.

Tell you what Pinkbike, I'll rather you go the Netflix route and charge me a low monthly subscription fee so I can access the goods without the advertising.
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 My upper comment "Too Bad… So Sad…" was because I felt tricked into watching the Ad. I was not referring to Hunter by any means.
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 90 % of Pinkbike content is an ad.
Sometimes more for product, sometimes for the rider or for a location.
I don't care as long as it's not too much in my face and cool to watch.
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 I think that was what bothered me. Usually it's more publicity type stuff. A video and then some details in text about what we are looking at. Even some BS like "we worked with our team to find the perfect ratios" or something to provide context around why I'm watching your ad. Or even in the video if someone were talking about it would be better. Not just, here's a commercial. I think the other video ads are at least pretending to not be a straight commercial.
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 It says XTR in the title... I guessed it was gunna be more of an add than a mint edit. It was exactly what I expected. My guess is that shimano sent a wedge of notes in pinkbikes direction. Pinkbikes a business right?
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 Felt more like an Acura Commercial than Matt Hunter edit. Sick rider, but I'll stick with Silvia's "Winter Trails" for my night-riding gawking.
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flag RLoganSx (Apr 15, 2014 at 19:58) (Below Threshold)
 At least Shimano can make Matt Hunter relevant. Honda is still trying to figure out why Acura is still around. The NSX is not going to save them sorry...
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flag Protour (Apr 15, 2014 at 22:18) (Below Threshold)
 Matt Hunter is relevant? What has he ever done besides photo shoots? Probably has an awesome personality I'm sure.
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 Do you live under a rock?? Hunter is in several edits and a few freeride videos, happens to be a hell of a rider/builder.
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flag SeaJay (Apr 15, 2014 at 22:41) (Below Threshold)
 Gotta give it to you think even 5% of those who mountain bike have a clue as to who matt hunter is or even heard the name? This is pinkbike, and sorry, but this is a miniscule portion of those who call themselves mountain bikers.
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 So you aren't relevant unless doing comps? BS, Hunter is relevant because he captures the quintessence of mountain biking, the adventurous spirit, the mastery of man over machine.
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 Matt Hunter not relevant??? Unless there are a ton of XC movies I've never heard of, Matt Hunter has been in a lot of major MTB movies over the past decade, not to mention his countless features in the likes of Mountain Bike Action, Dirt Rag, Decline, etc.
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flag Protour (Apr 16, 2014 at 6:58) (Below Threshold)
 But has he ever competed in anything? I know nobody in the history of the sport who made a living off "freeriding" or whatever this guy does, and never competed in anything. I think about freeriders like the kid on the worn out Foes in Rampage, and came help but wonder if they are more deserving than this guy who apparently is too cool to ever test his skills in a competition.

But maybe he is an awesome tester and good in .product development, after all Shimano still doesnt have a real 1x setup for sale, or the 11-40 10 speed cassette everyone wants. But hey those Xtr cranks are super light, awesome work.
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 I think that's what is awesome about Hunter. He has made a name for himself in this industry without doing all the comps. He did it on his own terms in his own style. I think that is what draws a lot of people to him. He isn't on some pro tour schedule (see what I did there Razz ). He is out charging and exploring for the sake of it. Presenting a side of mountain biking that is about adventure. That's what mountain biking is to some people, adventure.

Also, in terms of popularity in the general mountain bike community, I bet just as few people that know about Hunter know about Semenuk or Gwin Or even Peaty. Probably because they don't live out their nonriding time on PB or similar sites.

And who knows, maybe he did some comps in the beginning of his career.
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 Just look at skateboarding or bmx, many even look down on those that do competitions because they think they are sellouts or that competitions take away from the culture of the sport. Mountain biking started because it was fun, matt reminds us that it is about shreddin and havin a good time, that is why we all started mountain biking.
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flag Protour (Apr 16, 2014 at 22:00) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, that's what I don't like about those sports, but everyone is entitled to their own preferences I guess. I don't call it selling out, I think competition is human nature and a basic instinct.

Oh I see, MHunter is an "adventurer". Thanks for explaining that. I do like his name.
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 Quite honestly, it came out quite cheesy comparing to those videos that Stance films (Life Cycles) made for Saint many years ago. . As a commercial is sucks as I don't see the product in the dark (n.d.a.a.a.) and as a movie shot in the dark, the footage is one of the best I have ever seen but edit ruins it with commercial bits coming as sson as you settle into the mood. The visuals are quality and appealing, transition for movie to computer graphics is cool, but as a whole piece there is just too much of conflict of interest...
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 Yeah, found the whole thing pretty corny, and it didn't really highlight the products well at all.
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 Yes, you are right. The video felt really broken up without any flow. Beautifully filmed, but choppy (as hell?) editing without the continuity you would expect. Those green component graphics would have looked fantastic as a simulated HUD view. Instead, they were interrupting the riding while drifting lazily around like helium balloons on a plain black background. I wanted to reach out and grab them like a 4 year old in a bubble machine... then whoa, you are suddenly zooming back to the riding. Waste of big money there and a missed opportunity! A shot from Matt's onboard POV camera would have looked great behind them to simulate his nighttime head's up display. They could have saved some money by foregoing the jolting zooms and lazy 3D rotations and it would have kept the riding going through those segments. On the plus side… the logo reassembling at the end was really cool!!!
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 Matt Hunter filmed by Anthill at night? I don't even have to watch this to know its awesome!
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 I would have thought the same, but had to quit on the vid half way through.
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 2015 XTR - A missed opportunity
  • 2 1
 Love it! You can really see how smooth XTR makes his pedalling and still having a granny ring that he didn't even use on the uphill part really kept his pedalling efficient, the darkness of the edit really highlights the aesthetics of the new groupset too and you can see behind all the trees and slow-mo how much faster and better XTR has made Matt Hunter as an individual.... I'm sold! :-P
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 A lot of riders (myself included) are going to lengths to LOSE the front derailleur (Wolftooth, OneUpComponents) not put one back on. I like XTR but don’t get this decision. They’ve always copied SRAM in the past - why not this time of all instances? I was hoping for an XT 1 x 11…or something. After losing the front derailleur and shifter, I don’t want to go back. Am I missing something?
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 26 wheels in 2014 commercial)
  • 3 0
 For being an ad for shifters, cranks, and brakes I didn't see much shifting, pedaling or braking.
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 I thought maybe shimano had some new light there were gonna advertise!
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 "XTR, engineered for the way you ride."

But not priced for the salary I make, that's for sure. This site is getting so choked with ads that it's not really much use to me anymore.
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 Honestly, I want to see that ad on national TV. It just makes riding look like so much fun; I think it could expose mountain biking to a lot more people and capture their interest.
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 Cool video, but I still don't want a 2x11 setup.

PS: thanks for doing a night film, so I didn't have to see that monstrosity of a crank.
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 Ad-alicious... eat XTR for dinner, crap out a load of debt.
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 If you expect a video which has a product name in the title not to be an advertisement you are gonna have a bad time. Would have like to see more riding though.
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 Possibly the rider was riding with a SRAM group, since the video just show 3D XTR parts... LOL MORE FROM SAME!
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 Lame. No disrespect to Matt, but really I didn't click on that because I wanted to see a commercial, even a rad one.
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 Matt Hunter is so freaking rad! I'm not a fan of XTR at all. However, I did like this vid/ad though.
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 cant wait for the next gen, it will be over 9000
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 A drivetrain promotion video with no shot on drivetrain whatsoever, sure....
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 "Never second guess you first instinct." Hmm my first response was, thre is NO way I'd get this over the X01/XX1 offerings.
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 No shit that's exactly what I was thinking! you need a shimano 2x11 to equal a sram 1x11 gear range. The whole point is to shit can the front mech. I can't for the life of me tell you what shimano was thinking....
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 that vid didn't do it for me, and With the resident Evil soundtrack I was waiting for the zombie attack Salute
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 If they put half as much effort into their website as this video, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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 I have to admit, the new xtr is not the most attractive groupset that shimano has produced
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 Shimano always seems to make cool videos.
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 Me gusta Big Grin Shimano has the coolest product videos and this one with a slight touch of Resident Evil is spot on
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 He only needs a cape and he would be the dark knight!!
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 cool 3x11
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 Will the XTR rear mech work with the XX1 cassette?
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 I'm pretty sure it will not work
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 Hahaha......Pb took my comment down!
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 Stupid ad, I hope Shimano paid Matt very well for this.
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 was that the new terminator movie announcement !? oh wait no...
  • 4 3
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 Sick video, class new range, big price tag Frown
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 That's a hell of an ad.
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 Who cares if its an ad as long as their is awesom riding in it!
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 Who cares if its an ad as long as their is awesom riding in it!!
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 creepy voiceover
  • 4 5
 Baddest video I've ever seen
  • 3 4
 but seriously, how good does the gear look though?
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 so an xtr ad?
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 What????????? Insane video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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