Video: Matt Jones Flips Into the History Books with a New World First in 'Design & Conquer' Ep.4

Feb 15, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesMTB slopestyle star Matt Jones​ is no stranger to world firsts. Follow him on his journey to land some never-before-seen tricks and watch him turn his dreams into reality.

The day Matt has been gearing up for has arrived. After months of training on Matt's and months of digging on Kye's behalf, it's time to hit the dirt. The digging crew in Devon has delivered beyond expectations and provided Matt the playground he needs to land his visions. Matt has no time to lose and gets down to business, but the going proves to be tougher than expected. How many attempts are needed to land the gainer? And what about the hitching post combo? Watch the full episode to find out!
Red Bull Bike


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 These Videos are some of my favorites, really makes my appreciate one of these tricks for more than 1.5 seconds in and edit, I never would have known how much time an effort went in. Interesting too how Red Bull is making more money the less likely it looks that Matt Jones will land these world firsts
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 Just ordered my ranger raptor while butt chugging a redbull . #buttrush
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 I ain't the smartest man in the world, but it sounds like you may be doing it wrong.
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 Proper use of that vehicle in the vid, however, that's certainly not the only way to that jump area. Subtle commercial for the Raptor. I liked it though, haha.
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 Amazing trick, amazing process ,amazing determination! Long, yes, but sometimes its cool to see the process such rider undergo! well done
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 That was a really long Ford commercial. Sick though!
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 Can you imagine Ford sponsoring your video and giving you a Raptor to play around with? What a dream! I'd imagine Matt is pretty grateful for Ford giving him the opportunity to pursue his dream.
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 @typx: I wouldn't want a full size F-150 Raptor, but I would be intrigued by that Ranger Raptor. I wish it was sold in the US.
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 @typx: It would be a lot cooler to be sponsored by Land Rover and getting a Defender to rip around in.

Fords are also mass-produced and not the most reliable, please recollect in 2018 when they had to issue a vehicle recall because engine block heaters were starting fires.
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 @jesses-g: Yes, I'll take a Land Rover, with their sterling reputation for reliability, instead.
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 12+ minutes will provide the video higher ranking (for want of a better term) on you tube... I suspect he did all his red Bull chugging on one day??? Was he always in blue with can in hand lol.
But seriously - great riding - and obviously working hard for his salary!
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 @fullendurbro: same in the UK but the other way round. You can't buy an f150 here, but it's completely impractical for the UK's tiny roads so definitely for the best.
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 @TomWatts64: F-150 is impractical for everyone except construction workers. Even in Freedom Land I've seen Raptors get stuck or scratched to hell by overhanging branches and tree limbs on 4x4 trails. They're just unnecessarily large.
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 @jesses-g: My point is that it would be cool to be sponsored by anyone and spend your days f*cking around on your bike. :-P
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 @typx: So you wouldn't mind being sponsored by Chrysler?
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 @jesses-g: I sense a trap... That being said, I would sell my soul for pretty much anything that lets me wake up every morning and do exactly what I love to do. So, yes.
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 @typx: That was a good answer I completely agree with you, except for the part where you sell your soul. I'll put in a good word for you if I get the chance.
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 That was flippin crazy
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 Wow - just wow. That was an amazing edit. Massive congrats to the whole team involved. I had goosebumps, must have been incredible to see on the day
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 Some of Matt's falls leading up to this looked seriously painful and spooky. Cheers to his impressive determination. I'd have thrown in the towel after the first go.
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 I’d have thrown in the towel after climbing up those logs. (Truthfully just from seeing them)
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 @JosMaple: Hah.. An impressive feat on its own.
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 Bike and body took so much abuse. Total commitment! I personally loved the discussion and mental.side of it. I think Matt may be able to pull the gainer in competition.
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 Does drinking that amount of Red Bull count as "body abuse"?
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 absolutlely awesome
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 That was bloomin epic! Fair Play Matt! True British grit and determination on show there!
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 Fair play young fella, you smashed it - well done.
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 haha his face at the end or the hitching post trick
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 That bike takes an absolute beating
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 I wonder how much hand sanitiser they went through what with all those fist bumps
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 Super cool! Thanks Matt!
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 *video cuts to new shot*
Redbull sound guy: *insert "blorp" sound*
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 very rad! congrats Matt!
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 Thats good that is!
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