Video: Matt Jones Kicks Off his Journey to Land 3 World First Tricks in 'Design & Conquer' Ep.1

Jan 25, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Matt Jones’ riding oozes creativity and nerves of steel. In a new Red Bull TV series called ‘Design & Conquer,’ Matt and his twin brother, Jono, show what it takes to imagine, plan, and execute tricks that have never been done before.

Matt Jones performs a gainer flip during Design and Conquer.

Matt stretching getting ready for the first attempt of the day.

All four episodes of the series are now available on Red Bull TV with episodes dropping weekly on YouTube.

Matt starts the series with a goal: to pull off three tricks that no one in the world has tried. With a bit of help from his friends, Matt goes through the process of experimenting and re-experimenting to bring his visions to life.

The series is produced in partnership with Ford.

Matt loading up the bikes into the Ford Raptor.

Matt using the blowtorch to dry off the run in.

Matt checking out the landing before doing another attempt.

Sequence shot of Matt pulling a tail whip over the hip jump.

Matt pulling a whip over the hip jump as Gee and Jono follow.


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 Ford commercials just got cool.
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 Yes yes... let’s not forget these projects take money. Sponsors give money for said projects. I can stand a few red bull cans and raptors if it keeps Matt on the way to fulfilling his dreams.
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 Matt Jones had been my go to YouTube entertainment since covid. Keep up the awesome content!
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 Totally read this title wrong, thought it was "Journey to land first world tricks" and would include things like a "Tabletop over healthy vegan meal".
Went away disappointed.
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 The Lambo is a bit faster, but you know, the Raptor can carry more. Decisions, decisions.
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 He already solved that problem on his GT3. Suction cup bike rack!
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flag Funkylicious (Jan 25, 2021 at 9:01) (Below Threshold)
 CRAPtor can't carry shit, that's why they give them away. Lambo all day.
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 I'm like: where the hell did he find an assistant that looks almost exactly like him?
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 Just to let you guys know - all the parts are available to watch already at RB YouTube channel...


Thanks to all the coaching from @mikelevy , Gee will teach Matt how to pull the never been done slopestyle tricks...
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 I don't see?....
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 @coadymacmillan: Don't know about youtube but I watched them all on the RedBull site
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 (Pinkbike editor screaming)
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 Well looks like Matt had most success with this than riding down trees!
Wonder if will become a trend, taking bikes too local swimming pool?
Cant imagine anyone without a Redbull helmet would be allow in?
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 Ben Boyko and I used to take ours to the UBC Pool in Vancouver and ride off the 5m beck. Its how we dialed in spinning drops. They where cool with it for the longest time too. We cleaned out all the grease out of the bearings before hand. \
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 What a legend, great attitude, huge balls and all the skills. Much respect and admiration for Matt Jones
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 I love the redbull Danny, Matt, Fabio, etc videos and love the making of series about as much. This perfectly marries them but leaves out the very produced part. I'm guessing we'll se more of these mini series.
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 Please don't scratch the paint..........
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 I wonder if he will still go for the 720 no hand to bar?????
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 quite the product placement by ford
  • 2 0
 How much is a Huracan?
  • 17 0
 All I know is that I Huracan't afford it
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 @TechTrailRider: underrated comment
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 Flipping creative right there!!!
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 I'm a millennial, I don't want to wait for the next episode.
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 All episode are on
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 What about the tree gap
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