Video: Matt Jones Returns for a Final Attempt at his Huge 15ft Tree Gap

Mar 5, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis build and ride series has been nuts. I never thought it would become this challenging and confusing. The quest to ride down a Douglas fir tree on my dirt jump bike has caused me some massive crashes, concussions and lots of digging and trail building. So I've returned to Chicksands bike park to finish the job. Let's see how this one goes... Matt Jones


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 he pulled so much speed off the previous attempts and wasn't getting nearly as high on the tree. I commend his decision making! for real, those other attempts where a death wish of speed. Glad he figured it out.
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 Wasn't as impressive as he wanted it to be, but when a trick beats the s**t out of you a few times it's nice just to tick it off and move on for a bit.
Serious mental block otherwise
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 Visualisation is one of the biggest psychological gains an athlete can do. Check the racers, with their eyes closes, hands grabbing an imaginary handlebar, going through every single corner. For Matt to come back and do this again, with a few minor tweaks, this lad has definitely been through a number of sleepless nights going through this trick.
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 For real.

There was this enduro race at my local track a few years ago. The stages are quite long (compared to other Indonesian enduro races) but I ride there a lot to the point of being able to visualize shifting and braking points, available traction depending on the weather, and high risk areas. I was an inconsistent top ten guy in my age class but I got third that day. Almost feel like a kind of mental cheating.
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 That was an amazing series of videos, it changed from the trick itself to watching Matt overcome the challenge in his head. It became personal and the result didnt matter as long as he scratched that itch. Super cool watching this, thanks for the entertainment
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 Although impressive, it’s more like a dirt to dirt gap.
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 Although I feel uncomfortable to criticize this level of riding I don't think it's as nearly impressive as some other of his stunts.

(This one reminded me of that old bmx video when a guy jumps off the bridge and rides down the building)
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 @pakleni: Seb Keep
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 Yea but the tree is steeper than 90 degrees so it just wasn’t going to happen without some anti-gravity suit.... or sand.
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 I think he could’ve pulled off his previous attempt if he build the rolldown half a meter away from the tree, accepting the bounce. But realistically any way to do this would’ve required so much digging that the point is kind of gone.
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 fir real
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 @pakleni: That Seb Keep wall stunt was really mind blowing. In the meantime, none of us is able to do what Matt just did! Not that impressive, but technical AF!
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 I get so nervous every time he’s rolling into it haha
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 Hell yeah, it's extra special when you can combine the feeling of accomplishing something difficult with conquering a trick or jump that's gotten the better of you and gotten into your head!
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 "...riding down a tree is not a straight forward process..." well name a process that's more straight or forward.
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 Glad he's done with this. Its been painful watching how many times he smacks his head in his recent videos.
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 He should prolly watch rough af3 and take notes on how to ride down a tree.
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 "...because three times is a lot of times."
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 No “riding in his comfort zone” for this guy lately !!
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 Impressive video on how to deal with fear
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 Concussions for clicks.
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 That mouthpiece was nasty!
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 Way to stick with it! Man, I thought you were gonna come up short of the tree.
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 Be mindful of that noggin, buddy! Sick trick, and way to be an inspiration!
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 Reading "final attempt" i was a little anxious..
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 Like the attitude and tought process
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 The last 2 minutes made this video completely worth watching.
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 Imagine getting so much excitement out of a tree Sick vid though
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 Trees are pretty exciting, even when not riding a bike down them.
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 Parliment needs to levy a per-minute tax on filler B-roll in Matt Jones videos.
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 Now fucking then Matt bey! nicely done!
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 Congrats Matt!
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