Video: Matt Jones Shows Off his New Backyard Dirt Jumps

Jul 12, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWatch how Red Bull’s Mountain Biker Matt Jones manually imported and moved 100 tonnes of dirt and moulded it into an insane backyard racing track.

With limited access to bike parks, tracks, playgrounds and travel around the world, Matt was looking for new ways to keep up his agility and fitness on the bike at home in the UK, during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Matt decided there was no better way than to take on the challenge of building his very own racing track, with all the routes and jumps he needed, in his very own backyard.
Red Bull


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 It's the fistbump game he plays with his filmermans friend that's what it's all about. Their lockdown backyard build series is the best. Dude is as good a host as he is a rider, and deserves to be at the top of all youtuMTBers. Fantastic!
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 ‘His very own racing track’ really lets you know Red Bull spare no expense on expert writers!
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 “Manually imported and moved”
Oh yeah? What!?
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 "Racing track" lmao
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 By far, the best COVID series on the internet, hands down. Matt, seeing your great attitude and digging abilities helped keep many of us sane during lockdown. You definitely deserve all the kudos in the world.
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 Better than Fairclough's Lockdown Rampage?

I love both series though.
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 Absolutely enjoyed this series without having any connection to dirt jumping. Great compliments to mat
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 @korev: You should check Mark Matthews' channel as well. He's working on a crazy line.
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 Yes didn't really enjoy Matt before the lockdown series, but always the first channel I check for new content now lol
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 Very nice! Love the vibe in the video, too. Matt seems like a great fellow.
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 Nice. 100 tonnes of dirt? 110 tons of dirt for the rest of the world living in the US, Myanmar and Liberia.
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 Yours are smaller.
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 I wish I knew how to build a pump track or a small dirt jump line but the truth is that I have never even ridden one. Does anyone know if there’s any tutorials somewhere?
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 The series of how these are build worth a watch if you haven't already.
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 "Yes my son, make it talk!!!" - GAMBLE
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 10/10 Matt, also love the trail dog
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 Nice set up but how's Clay in the rain? Should get really slippery and UK have it's fair share of rain.
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 His jumps are topsoil, not clay. rain is also welcome as top soil can get extremely cracked and can fall apart easy when super dry
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 I'd love to see some smaller bikes shred this Smile
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 watch the series and you see Ben (camera man) ride no brake BMX and use the daisies as the most amazing way of slowing himself down
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 Well that's sick
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 Very cool. His build lapses of this on YouTube are awesome too.
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 Ride a BMX if that's what you're riding
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 Make the pitbike track bigger!!!!

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