Video: Matt Macduff & The Rise Hit Creative Street Lines

Apr 11, 2021
by The Rise  

If there is one lesson to learn in life, it's that good things happen when you expect them the least. Today, we're pleased to present the 50th episode of our Unexpected Thursday series. Episode 50 marks an important milestone so we had no choice but to go hard with this one. Sit back and enjoy a 7-minute long 100% Street MTB video featuring our whole crew plus a few guests! If there is one thing we hope to do with this video, it's to get you stoked to get out there riding and send it even harder!


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 As someone who wants to ride like that, this is super cool, and inspiring, but there's like absolutely a total of zero humps in my vicinity, unfortunately. I would literally ride like 1 hump all day, if there was one.
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 You have to seek out good street spots the same way you do trails. Downtown areas, industrial areas/loading docks, college campuses are usually great for scavenger hunting (just be careful of private property/security).

But even little sidewalk bumps, curbs and ditches can make for great riding if you get creative.
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 If The Rise posts, I smile.
It’s That Simple
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 So.. they gave you a rise?
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 Tom is absolutely ridiculous on a bike. Whole crew killed it! Keep street riding alive!
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 Very well done. Sparked memories of a few Aaron chase edits from back in the day well done!
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 So fun. Remember back when every rider featured in an mtb movie had an urban assault segment? Smile
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 @mobiller: remember when there was mtb movies?
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 @mobiller: yes I do good times they were. Minimal slow mo and not a ton of cuts they were the best
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 @luckynugget: ya nice 60min movies not just 4-15 minute edits
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 Great riding, but a 6:20, how does Matt coast backwards without his pedals going backwards as well?
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 Freecoaster hub.
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flag stumpymidget (Apr 11, 2021 at 9:57) (Below Threshold)
 Really? Never heard of a freecoaster?
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 @beerbellymike: thanks- new to me as I pretty much only MTB. Must not be used by all the trials people, as I remember them having to pedal backward when they do that sort of trick in other videos. I doubt I'll ever have the skills to need bike pretty much only goes forwards!
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 @stumpymidget: Ubiquitous in BMX freestyle, unheard of in MTB.
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 @mobiller: There's MTB freecoasters, NS, DARTMOOR, KHE, I think profile makes a Z-coaster for MTB as well I am not 100% sure on that one tho.
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 @mobiller: Totally heard of in MTB. Semenuk has been using a ZCoaster for years. Macduff too.
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 @beerbellymike: I think industry nine makes them also, but I am not sure about that.
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 @calebegley: Yeah there is a trials rider in the UK who was testing one for them couple years back. Think it had 3 engagement points super sloppy hub. Don't think it's available to the public yet or if it even will be.
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 @GTscoob: For sure, especially since we just watched a video of MTB's with freecoasters. Smile But I don't blame him for not knowing what freecoasters are as an MTBer since they're rare as hens teeth. Higher end BMX's meanwhile come stock with a freecoaster.
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 @29ger: same same but different, replace two small cogs with a smooth spacer and you can similarly fakie without back-pedaling
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 Guys climbing stuff and some banging tunes and all I can imagine is Sean Burns being a legend at this stuff and SERIOUSLY slaying on 20".
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 Anytime I see a DJ bike for sale, this is how I fantasize myself riding it.
Hint: I’m completely wrong.
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 Kind of like boogie boarders of the surf world.
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 Is anybody else wondering why does Macduff on his Norco suddenly seems to ride a full suspension bike?
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 Well I mean if you joined a team that offered a FS bike as well and they offered you it, you’d take it lol. But aye admittedly it is strange seeing him ride street on a Alu frame with a brake, might be a part of his contract where he’s only allowed to ride Norco and not his Rise frame anymore. Idk. Good vid anyways.
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 hes definitely riding a hardtail..
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 Yes to The Rise! Sleazy street offerings as always.
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 So good. Thanks for bringing the goods!
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 Awww yeah!
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 So good! There’s really no other crew out there like The Rise!
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 This is good times
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 Up the Duff!
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 I would love to know how much they spend on wheel turnings at a bike shop
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 Music credits?
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 Michael Plonka

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