Video: Matt Simmonds Shreds a Classic Welsh Trail on the New Privateer 141

Sep 24, 2020
by PrivateerBikes  

Video and Photo's by We Are Peny

Matt has been busy over the Lockdown, he has taken it upon himself with a bit of local help to bring the Caersws DH tracks back to life after many years of neglect. The track was planned to be used for a National that was meant to be happening this weekend. Matt has been riding, digging, and testing on his Prototype Privateer 141 as its a great all-rounder from steep fire road climbs to the straightest way back down the hill, it can do it all.




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 Very cinematic but man that freestyle camera movement makes it hard to watch.

Not been Caersws in Donkeys, it still got decent uplift trails?
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 Nice sound, but the shakey camera gave me a headache. Brliliant ridingh tho.
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 I'm sure the riding was great but couldn't really appreciate it because of the weird camera work.
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 "yo shake the cam to make this look fast as f***"
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 Cameraman. The subject is Matt. Not the ground. And, readjust your gimbal. If you want balls to the walls riding, the rider and trail should supply this. (Remy) But this is not a Liam Neeson movie, shaky cam and obscuring the shot with objects is... well not pleasant.

Reading this back I may sound blunt and harsh. But Ive had my fair share of ridicule as an entrepreneur. Always the future cameraman. Also, I know my grammar is shite. Its 6:00 in the morning. I dont care haha
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 Did his friend’s 3 year old help out with some of that ?
Good effort for trying something different but it’s a lesson learned.
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 What happens when you hire your mom's friend's 12 year old "who just bought a sick camera" to film your edit.. Wow... that was bad.
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 I thought camera work was good , just different from most of bike videos.
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 It was unquestionably bad footage.
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 @SpencerS: It was 80% great and 20% bad. The shaky needed to go.
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 At least nowhere near as bad as everyone's making out. Matt's riding definitely shone through and the track looks decent. Can anyone ride it freely? (Not private?).
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 Awesome riding Matt! Good to see Caersws going strong.. been years since I last ride there!
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 soundtrack is underrated :-)
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 First bike I've seen from them that's caught my eye. Raw though? Shooooooo!
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 Seems like those trails would probably be more fun on a lightweight, playful donwcountry bike.
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 Not sure I recognise any of that, changed a lot in 16/17 years!!!
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