Video: Matt Walker Chases Danny Hart Through Bike Park Wales

Jan 1, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesSit back and enjoy Danny Hart and Matt Walker tearing up the trails here at BikePark Wales.Bike Park Wales

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 I get little bit dizzy , looks like camera change view faster then boys can ride.
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 yea turned it off cuz ouch brain and eyes
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 Those transitions wouldn't be out of place in A New Hope
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 Such a shit edit.

15+ seconds of sponsors then vomit inducing use of 360 camera.

Bore off, watch the content before posting it.
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flag thewho07 (Jan 6, 2020 at 5:38) (Below Threshold)
 Get a grip. It's a free video
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 @thewho07: you can still have quality standards for free videos. Also, if you post something on YouTube you should be able to live with the criticism (which is justified for this video imo)
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 @thewho07: that's got to be the worst excuse possible.
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 @JamesGTi: Let's all have a cry over a bicycle video
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 man they ruined that with all the choppy editing
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 I was excited there at the opening thinking we were going to be treated to a sick edit with Lenny Kravitz's "Black Velveteen" as the soundtrack.
Filmmakers: the next slick black on black bike to be released needs to have an edit with Black Velveteen. So good....
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 Not to slag someone's work... but that was painful. Get two amazing riders in a sick location. Spend tons of time getting great shots. Then ruin it all with crap editing. Really underwhelming.
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 Was going to say the same thing, opportunity missed!
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 Great riding but wtf was going on with the editing...
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 Can't watch it... the editing is way too hectic for me.
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 I couldn't watch it either..
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 Greatest riding paired with the lamest effect Movie Maker (TM) offers.
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 Editting and music not the best ha .......2 of my fav riders and that video did them no justice
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 Can someone explain me why so many Brits whine on Bike Park Wales? This looks awesome.
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 People just dont like the prices when there are so many almost as good free spots in the same area. TBH I'm happy to pay every now and then and support the industry.
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 @james-skipper: ok. I still want to go there at some point. Revolution and this. Those top jumps look like prime air time.
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 @WAKIdesigns: It is a properly good place for party laps, definately worth checking out some other places while you're in the area. Black mountain is probably better in the summer IMO, push up at places like Tirpentwys are super underrated too
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 @james-skipper: Tirps is mint! And BMC as well.
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 Mainly the layout, you come off the trails and have a fair trot back to the uplift, even the trail called 'To The Uplift' does not take you close! Its the only gripe though really, just get back to uplift as quick as you can I guess.
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 It appears that way to you cos you’re social media biased, but the reality is different. Mountain biking is very popular in the UK, and BPW a very popular place to ride. The number of people who grumble about it online is tiny compared to the number who ride there. You get that with anything. It’s full every weekend with hundreds of riders, the vast majority of whom have a great day out and can’t wait to come back. But also most people don’t post much on social media.

The few people who do whine have the same few grumbles - uplifts, cost, and trails. I think the team there work hard to make it as good as it can be, and critics are mostly just perfectionists. It’s a great day out.

I live fairly close but only ride there 4-5 times per year cos we are spoilt for choice nearby and I favour ‘natural’ tech, but that’s no criticism of Bike Park. I’d be glad to show you round if you’re ever in the area.

Hope that helps.
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 @aps62: I think the cost is about the same as any uplift day tbf, the facilities there (non riding) are better than anywhere else imo, the food is banging and the techs are great. Its just that mission from the trail end back to the uplift that pissed us lot off, not enough to never go back though. I think on socmed people like to moan about anything that is popular, even people who have never been.
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 It's had its growing pains, but it seems to be getting over them. Been twice in the past few months and had no issues really. Slightly different mid summer when its busy there and the one toilet just isn't enough but they seem to be sorting that out. Trails are samey, but still fun!
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 A LOT of waiting for uplifts an riding around to get to the up lift, big ques to sign on when you get there, car park too far away from uplift etc etc. I was fore warned about this for my first trip an only got 9 runs (a mechanical but only missed one run in the 30-40 mins that took to sort) so yeah, not very good value for the £ when at Revs or Black mountain you will be exhausted before the uplift stops for less £

And definitely more enduuhhro based than DH

mobility bikes on the uplift too, had to wait ages for riders to load they're moto tanks
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 Basically it's got great trails but the infrastructure and cost of the place leaves room for improvement. There's lots of competition around too that offer a superior overall product. BPW seem unable to accept any constructive criticism so the regular visitors have started to go elsewhere, me included. Back when it first opened it only had FOD and Cwmcarn's uplift to compete with and was similarly priced. Now it has Cwmcarn, FOD, 417 and Black Mountains. Add in the further places that people visit to make a long weekend out of it like Revs and Antur Stiniog, all of which are cheaper to visit and it's now got serious competition.
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 it's all about value for money and number of runs for me. it's a lot of dosh compared to others and you get less runs here than anywhere else. If you get more than 8 runs in you've either done the shortest runs all day and took little to no lunch break. Around FoD and FlyUP you can bang out 17 runs in summer without much fuss and even BMCC with a tractor as uplift vehicle is much more efficient. Revs ftw of course, that place has set the bar for so many now. Not been to Dyfi yet but i expect it to be awesome too as they will have learned from all the others before even opening i reckon
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 @shadethechangingman: FOD runs are pretty short in comparison to the others though dude, sick runs, but definitely shorter, the uplift therefore has a shorter drive as well. I would be happy enough if the BPW uplift just picked me up where the out of use ones park up, right in front of the cafe/shop and pretty much as you come off the trail, that daft to the uplift trail gets boring and that last climb to uplift is shite when you have been there for a few hours.
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Going to UK in February. Hoping to do BPW. Do you think it’s worth renting a car, 6 hr round trip drive, & questionable weather conditions for just one 10a-4p day of uplift? Or any recommendations on fun places to ride that are closer to London? Thanks!
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 @liketoride1: drop me a message mate I'll send you over a list I made for a pal a few months back Wink
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 @liketoride1: depends on what you prefer, BPW trails are very good but very 'trail centre' you won't be disappointed on the quality just the value. Black mountain is very Bike parky lots of jumps an berms packed into a small area an more runs than you have energy. Revs is pure DH gnar AND park style jumps .... big jumps but, can be very blown out maintenance wise.
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 @liketoride1: Seeing as I live 20 mins from BPW I don't know much about the London side. I do know I prefer to go to Okeford with friends who live near there, it's only open on Saturdays though so might not fit with your plans. Other than that check out the B1ke parks, they're not uplift assisted but just as much fun at all of them as a day at BPW.
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 Seems like a poor cheap rip-off copy of Deathgrip sequence in Schladming with Brendog and Bryceland
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 That got my juices flowing!
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 That jump at 1:27 is nuts, hardest jump in the park!!
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 First time I've witnessed it done too.
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 Danny just greased it! Looked really cool.
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 @getonyourbike: I feel a bit sorry for Matt Walker in this video. He's super fast and if you saw him with pretty much any other rider he'd look steezy AF... but following Danny he looks like that guy who's really into bikes but he works in an office, and he hangs out with pros on the weekends. He's kind of, mate of the stars kind of thing. Really good in his own right and would embarrass 95% of riders, but he made the wrong choice of riding companion that day!

(Not trying to be rude! Really a big up to Danny Hart - he's a f*cking beast!)
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 @jaame: I'd put money on Matt coming back from injury when this was filmed, or something like that, because he's a ridiculously skilled rider in his own right. That isn't the riding of someone who can podium at a WC and is at their best.
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 @getonyourbike: oh good so it’s not just me then. I have a lot of respect for Matt Walker. He is an insanely fast guy, and I liked him in that video against the roadie too.
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 Useless edit. Who can do worse?
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 getting old...exhausted after I watched the video
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 Effortlessly done.
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 Yea, as in the riding and the zero effort put into the editing!
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 I came here looking for the Sam Hill clip, oh no! It's gmbn!
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 I Like the move at 1:20:
Funny immersive effects
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 Danny Hart is my hero

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