Video: Matt Walker Follows Danny Hart on Muddy Lousa Track

Mar 6, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesJust finished our testing trip out here in Lousa, Portugal.

It has rained for 4 days, on our last day of the trip me and Matt had the chance to ride a different track, so we did a few runs down 'Pardal' track, really fun, even in the pouring rain.

Home now for a week with the family and then back out here for the World Cup!
Danny Hart


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 Before everybody jumps into conclusions,this is NOT the world cup track.
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 sad news
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 If there's just one totally soaked WC race this year Danny might just have one more Champery
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 I really wish more people would be smart enough to set their GoPros to 60 FPS. It looks so much better than the average 30.
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 Just imagine ebikes came first, riders would advance their skills and ride steeper and more extreme tracks which require little or no pedalling, the geo and suspension would be refined and then the final step in evolution......THE MOTOR WOULD BE REMOVED!!
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 The concrete wall was pulling me at it like a tractor beam!
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 That looks incredible, what a track!! Would love to ride it in the dry, but I have to admit to being a bit of a fairWeather rider...
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 You're from the UK and admit to being a fair weather rider? So you ride once a year ? Maybe twice?
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 @Shredtheduck: lol actually we get most of the summer and autumn and a bit of the spring with fair weather here in the south of England, I even get out for a few crisp cold rides in the winter months, but I don't like sloppy mud and cold drizzling rain.

We haven't got the humidity or 6 months of snow I had to deal with when I was living near "trono" so it's not that bad really!
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 @Shredtheduck: Pissing rain all day for a whole week is still “fair weather” for the brits.
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 @AProulx: It really depends where in the UK, makes a big difference given that it's an island.
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 @AProulx: your skin's waterproof ain't it?
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 @johnnyboy11000: No.It wouldn’t go wrinkly in the bath if it was. Resistant yes, but not waterproof.
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 that cement wall at the bottom was most dangerous spot on whole track!!! haha rest looks dopeSmile
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 Quality rut railing!
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 That ain't muddy, come ride in an English winter!
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 How does one follow a Danny Hart in the mud?
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 trying to hold Danny's wheel in the wet must be like trying to chase a moose riding on a flounder
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 curious what brakes and rotors they are using?
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 You can see at the start Danny was running the new XTR levers and the calipers seemed to be the 4pot version, the rotors are the Shimano IceTech.
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 Stay on your bike Danny!
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