Video: Mattéo Iniguez Is Fast & Stylish at the Leysin Bike Park

Sep 23, 2021
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Leysin Bike Park has existed since 1999. The oldest among you will remember the World Cup rounds of 2000 and 2001 with the first victory there from Cédric Garcia and a 2nd place for Greg Minnaar. The youngest will probably just ask themselves Ley...what?

Because we must admit that after this brief moment of glory, Leysin fell into oblivion. Several projects attempted to bring Phoenix back from the ashes, but the process was long (Swiss slowness is not only a myth, it’s a know-how).

As is often the case, it takes the right time and the right people to get projects off the ground. In June 2020, Leysin took steps to update their park and further develop what they can offer. The people in charge of the resort have given the keys of the bike park to two shapers who have made this place their project and put their whole hearts into it.

They now have two trails with berms that are second to none in this part of the world. The jumps are undoubtedly the biggest in the area but despite this, the technical aspects have not been overlooked. Finally, the festivities do not seem to stop there since new trails are already in process and it will soon be available for everyone to enjoy, with the construction of a flow-trail.

As for racing, Leysin has immediately returned to its past glory and after just one year of work, the resort has decided to host the Swiss DH Championships in July 2021!

This rejuvenation of the resort deserved to be highlighted by a talented rider. When the idea for this video came up, Mattéo Iniguez seemed like an obvious choice. He has the style, the tricks and the speed. He represents both the fun and the serious race sides, with that youthful laid back spirit of his. There was certainly no-one who could better match the new dynamic of the bike park.

What did he think of the trails? He was quoted as saying, "The berms are so fast my brain can't keep up!” However, this didn't seem to really deter him!

This video is the story of a Phoenix that finally rose from the ashes, to the delight of riders.

Rider: Mattéo Iniguez
Directed by: KifCat
Film: KifCat
Photography : KifCat
Text : Noemie Carraux
Thanks to : Leysin Bike Park


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 That cow at the start is a baleful oath. She sold my mate a pressure washer for $50 that did not even work. When he took it back she told him to f*ck off. I'm no racist, but they're just not good people.
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 i want your weed.
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 I cried tears of joy from laughing so hard at this one, Mate. Thank you tup
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 Top Fantasyleague underdog going for it!
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 Was he not the guy Ben Cathro caught on his qually run in Snowshoe?
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 @paulskibum: pretty sure not, cathro had plate 90+ and Mateo 57 if i recall correctly.
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 Seems like an interesting track !
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 Insane clips, horrible song but nice edit anyway. Congrats
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 Nice shapes
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 lol I had a double take too.
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 wtf song
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 Looks like a decent place, usual highly skilled rider but had to mute the video. Also TOTP2 phoned, they want their 80's video FX back...
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 Love the song. Vid is so much fun, has a great sense of humor. Would love to see more like it.
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 Hey look, it's Harry Potter...
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 That ‘music’…
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 Wc venue come on uci

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