Video: Moto & BMX Crossover Smashes Northstar, CA

Sep 13, 2018
by Christopher Leafstrand  
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Matthew Sterling is a 16-year-old kid who lives in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. His main focus on riding is downhill and dual slalom but also does dirt jumps on the side for fun. With the help of his single mom and a few sponsors, Matthew travels the world racing his bikes down mountains at high speeds. Having the Santa Cruz Mountains only 25 minutes away, he is constantly riding there to progressing his riding. Matthew started riding bikes when he was 2 years old and started out with BMX racing. He faded away from BMX when he was 10-11 years old after racing hundreds of nationals and a few world championships. He finished 4th in the World two years in a row with top tens Nationally. After that he found interest in motocross. During the years of motocross he was having an insane amount of fun but withdrawals brought him back to the bike scene. Let's just say a way different bike scene...

He instantly fell in love with mountain biking and the community was not afraid to push his limits. He started racing mountain bikes near the ages of 12-13. He got the best of both worlds having experience from both BMX and motocross which gave him the advantage. His first couple of years racing mountain bikes were a huge learning curve but he stuck with the sport and stayed focused. When he turned 15 he decided to race junior expert, (Cat 1 - 15-18 ).

He learned a lot his first year racing Junior Expert but his second year has been insane with amazing results. He raced the USA Cycling ProGRT series taking a podium at each race. He also ventured into the international racing scene for two stops at the Crankworx series in Les Gets, France and Whistler, Canada. In Les Gets he took the top spot for both Downhill and Dual Slalom and in Whistler he took the top spot at the Air Downhill and Dual Slalom and placed 3rd in the Canadian Open. Matthew realizes how fortunate his life experience in BMX and motocross has translated into his mountain biking skills.

Top of Sticks and Stones

Creative drop line on Boondocks

Styling out the big drop on Boondocks

Sending the hip deep

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After a day of laps in the park, Matt drops by the local dirt jumps to flow and relax.

Steezin out the last jump at Truckee Bike Park

Floating on the big line

Loads of style


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 Tell me more about this single mom..
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 brown pow
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flag WAKIdesigns (Sep 13, 2018 at 2:38) (Below Threshold)
 It's funny to see you downvoted. It's genuinely sad that I cannot downvote you to like -35, people would start to think that you said something absolutely outrageous. People would google it. Brown Pow... how could you?!
@pinkbikeaudience - I desire the ability to troll using the prop system. I vow to misuse it for the greater good.
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 @WAKIdesigns: jokes on you WAKI. Who's downvoted now?
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 @colincolin: I thought this would happen... but you were -3 by the time I wrote this comment...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Machiavellian moves bro
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 that boondocks drop line is wild
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 Frank Montoya - Optimistic? - Absinthe Films
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 Good stuff Matt! Make sure them suckers are on for mammoth
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 When I was 2 I was still wearing a diaper...
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 My eyes are stinging just watching
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 damn! shes fast!
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 Sheeesh chill out leafy
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 Hell yeah matt! Stoked to see all your success this year. -carlo
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 haha I remember the drop on boondocks from the Northstar enduro. Rear brake rotor mounts popped off right before that.... Frown
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 Hell yeah!! Killing it out there... waiting to see you compete in UCI DH
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