Video: Max Fredrikkson Interviews Anton Thelander About Why He Quit Being a Pro MTBer

Mar 20, 2020
by maxfredrikssonpage  

A lot of people who are into being biking are probably well familiar with the name Anton Thelander, my second guest for my new YouTube series called Pro Talks.

Anton is a great friend of mine that I grew up with riding bikes together. We traveled to our first couple of contests together and got the same first few sponsors together. Anton left the pro life a few years ago after a career filled with awesome podium finishes and FMB World Tour placements, including a 4th place at Red Bull Joyride, multiple third place finished at some big comps (FISE Montpellier, Colorado Freeride Fest) and a 6th place finish in the FMB World Tour Overall Ranking.

I wanted to sit down with him to talk about his background, how he started, why he left the pro life behind and what's been going on with him since then.



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 Always smooth and good style Anton! Hope to see you back in the sport in some form.
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 I thoroughly enjoyed your video, especially as a physical therapist and a rider who has sustained significant injuries as well. The mental side of physical recovery is huge. And general maintenance of mental health is likely as important if not more important than going to the gym and doing some Burpee’s. I’ve always appreciated Ryan Leech’s approach to balancing bikes and mental health. I would reach out to him if you feel inclined. Big ups to all of you out there who have recovered and are recovering from a significant injury that keeps you off the bike. I hope we have much more dialogue in the future around mental health and mountain biking
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 Thanks PB for keeping me occupied!
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 Mr. Cleanlander they used to call him. I was surprised to see he fell of tbh but now I see that when it comes down to it there’s a lot more in play
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 I often wonder when the risk vs reward begin to pay off for pro mtbers.
Love my riding but do it as a profession? No thanks.
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 Would be nice to get payed for riding a bike, But does take the fun out of it?
Having ridden 2 world championships, but did not have any sponsors to help fund & continue to race at that level
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 No but the training and commitments to events you don’t feel passionate about does
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 Having listened to some action sport athlete interviews recently being pro doesn't mean they get paid to ride for a living. If you want to make a proper living as a rider you have to work hard for it, putting in the time off the bike is what they get paid for. Riding is the benefit of working hard at promotion and marketing, the better you can market and promote your sponsors and yourself the more earning potential you'll have....or something like that. Just stoked the new generations have this kind of information and insight at there fingertips, but first remember it's called work for a reason.
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 @MikeGruhler: Yes I agree with what your saying, but back in early 90s to get sponsorship, was more about traveling to competitions or living in right location, now you can promote sponsors from any location, but now is even more difficult as more competitive
So takes a lot of commitment to get in the situation where it can be enjoyable!
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