Video: Max Fredriksson & NS Bikes Part Ways

Jan 21, 2021
by maxfredrikssonpage  

The partnership of Max Fredriksson and NS Bikes has come to an end, after working together for five years, having had an amazing time. Max explains in his goodbye video the reasons for leaving NS Bikes and raises curiosity about his new bike partner.

The question to which bike brand the Swede will be heading to, stays open for now and leaves some excitement and rumors. Though, what is clear: The 25-year-old has new goals, new purposes, new ambition and lots of new motivation for 2021.

bigquotes“I am sad that I am leaving, but at the same time I am super happy and excited about what’s coming.”Max Fredriksson


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 Ns 2020 - Maximum Fredriksson Ns 2021 - Minimum Fredriksson
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 Would probably start watching his videos again, if I could be sure there was no hai bikes in them...
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 @Frederiknc: why dya say that
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 @Frederiknc: E bikes are's great to see Sam supporting them
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 Anyone thinking about Specialized?! They got rid of a lot of Team Riders in the past and as well in this year (for example Gabriel Wibmer from Austra). They have big oppertunities to support a rider like Max. And last but not least they have no really famous MTB-Freestyle Athlete that makes Youtube Videos like Max does and they would have somebody new for Slopestyle as well. I mean yes there is Rogaktin and dont understand me wrong he is absolutely great in slopestyle but for me it seems he is getting a little old but not his age, just his slopestyle riding in my Opinion. And even due to the fact that he is a Legend for what he does! But probably it will be Trek or another amazing Brand that will support him as well as all of the others could too. Really hyped to see what comes in the Future!
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 Trek all day, he runs title with Brett Reeder which is my only connection lol
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 Max is also tight with Emil, came up through the Swedish slope scene as lil tykes together. Adding Max to the C3 Project would be insane, so much slope talent there already
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 C3 would be pretty insane, he'd be a good fit there but i really see him going to Canyon. They got a dialed hardtail and that who Anton rides for.
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 Another one for Canyon? Seems like they have everyone else.
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 rose i think. Audi is my only connection
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 Maybe gt bikes
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 I reckon hes a Commencal guy
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 I feel like YT want him
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