Video: Max Fredriksson Signs With Cannondale

Feb 23, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Cannondale announced they were signing new XC talent with Alan Hatherly and Simon Andreassen earlier this year, as well as new Enduro talent with Mitch Ropelato and Kera Linn, and now we have a third announcement from the US-based brand in a third discipline. Cannondale is signing Swedish dirt jumper and YouTuber Max Fredriksson. At the end of January, Fredriksson announced he was parting ways with NS Bikes after four years of riding for them.

bigquotesThe Cannondale mountain bike family just got even more stylish with a rider like Max on board. Everyone is psyched after watching what Max can do with a bike, and we are pumped to work together and share his unique style, creativity and passion for riding long into the future. Just don’t try to go as big as Max does without the skills he has on a bike.Jonathan Geran (Cannondale Global Director of Sports Marketing)

Max began BMX racing at the age of 5, began dirt jumping in 2007 at the age of 12, and landed on the podium in his first-ever FMB contest in 2011.

bigquotes“I’m beyond happy to join Cannondale for the years to come! Cannondale has always been a sick bike brand in my eyes and I’m super excited to get on board with a partner of this caliber. We’ve got some amazing things in the pipeline and I feel like the future with Cannondale will be next level! New vision, new goals, new ambition and a whole new source of motivation to achieve great things in 2021 and beyond.Max Fredriksson


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 Can't wait to see a Lefty DJ bike
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 Aaron Chase had some wild Cannondale shit back in the day, I remember seeing a clip of him doing an x-up with a (double crown) Lefty on a DJ bike at some point.
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 @transam711: Do not forget the legend Cédric Gracia and all the crazy stuff he has done with a Lefty.
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 Where is the Chase and Chase softail at ????
  • 1 0
 Yep that was actually a pretty sick bike!
  • 22 1
 Cannondale just got cool
  • 6 1
  • 2 0
 My Gt la bomba just got cool @prevail:
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 I can’t wait for Max to ride the gully with Rat and the boys
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 I hope that this means cannondale comes out with a DJ. It would be kinda wack if max just road a painted over la bomba the whole time.
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 They have one. It is sold out, just like the new Jekyll, all before anyone see any real info on them.
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 @lwkwafi: Not sold out - just delayed like everything else because of Covid slow downs last year.
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 Intereresting. Can't say I'd ride a La Bomba over a Decade personally....
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 When your getting paid to ride your bike sometimes you need to make smart financial move
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 @kyleq: That's right. I didn't say Max shouldn't, I said I wouldn't want to. Frames' over 2 inches longer and a couple degrees slacker.
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 I think Cannondale can get him a couple of frames to whatever spec he'd want
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 @Rafe1234: I think his riding is looking more stylish with the longer frame tbh!
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 @mongobrah: No doubt. I sort of wondered if he'd stick with the stock La bomba frame size or get something custom... or maybe they'd even start making different DJ's with Max on now..or at least a size small in the la bomba.
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 Though, I bet a less experienced rider would prefer the la bomba being slightly more forgiving than the decade?!
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 @Rafe1234: la bomba now comes in two sizes... a 21.5" TT and a 23", both pretty regular TT lengths in market.
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 @ctbiker888: Oh interesting, I think it was one size last year. The medium is listed as 22.2 TT and 23.5 for large on GT site. So the HTA and wheelbases for the medium size are pretty much in line with your average DJ bike, around 1050 WB and 68.5 HTA.. I could swear the 2020 La bomba had like 1085 wheelbase or something like that.. It's always carried a pretty sort chainstay though I think also. Decade I think is 70.5 and 1025 WB.
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 I would’ve never guessed.... very smart move from both Max and Cannondale in my opinion!
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exactly! if i where to get sponsored i would try to look for a company that didnt have a specific bike, like a dirt jumper, so that i could have a signature frame. thats my call, la bomba frame for the meantime and a max fredriksson frame coming soon. hopefully
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 All real max fans knew it tho. For all that dont know it. It is a Gt-Labomba frame; Cannondale and GT-Bikes are the same company.
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 Is it really?
That's good to know
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 @skyrez18: Wonder if that's referring to some signature bike for the 5010 guy? He's been on a La Bomba too. Giveaway sign is the triangle brace (?) on the disc side rear triangle.
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 @skyrez18: The dave and the Labomba share the same frame, but Cannondale doesn't mention the dave on their website.
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 You can't handle the truth
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 Time to bring back the Chase 1 into production!!
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 "No Image Set"
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 Rear triangle looks like GT LaBomba.
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 which dh bike will he ride?
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 Looks like he needs a new tyre sponsor judging by that last shot
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