Video: Max Langille Sends Wild Tricks and Jumps in Fernie

Nov 17, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Our Commencal Canada rider Max Langille took advantage of a few days in Fernie (British Columbia) to shoot Mantra with friend and cameraman Dylan Siggers.
They tell us about the one desire for this edit; get out on the bike and ride!

"Max came down in June this year and we had a really loose goal to just shoot for a few weeks until we were satisfied with the footage we had collected. It made for a really relaxed shooting environment and allowed Max to get into a nice headspace and ride the way he envisioned."

"I went to Fernie with no expectations or ideas for the video. We just went to each spot and felt out what tricks would be cool versus having things already planned out which helped make things feel organic. It’s awesome to have your friend being the one filming you, it takes off some of the pressure. Dylan and I have filmed a few videos together now and he understands what’s going into each clip which is awesome."

Rider: Max Langille (@maxlangille)
Edit: Dylan Siggers (@dylansiggers) of Aere Films (@Aere_films)


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 Commencal video. Just press play.
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 Really enjoyed that,nice Style
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 Lovely. I really enjoy shot's taken with a drone from above where they do a tailwhip combined with just about anything else.
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 Gingy ninjy in da hooouuuseee
  • 4 0
 flipwhip to tuck whaaat!!
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 that's a whole lot of tricks
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 2 things- 1. that was a banger 2. Props on the vans.
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 Great video Max & Dylan. Really enjoyed it, both the riding and filming/editing were top-notch. And great representation of the riding in Fernie.
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 Wow. Way to embody the motto, "if you're not sliding, you're not riding . . . "
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 The saddle on his dj is not straight aligned withe the top tube. Things like this make me really nervous.
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 Oppo 3 was fooked
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 Max looks tall in the same way Anthony Messere does
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 No dig, no ride, Max! Wicked riding!
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 This was great! Yet another Commencal banger
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 So Good! Fuck ya Max!
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