Video: Michal Prokop Says Goodbye to Winter as he Gets out for a Rapid Shred on his eMTB

Mar 13, 2021
by prkplive  

The winter is coming to its end and everybody hopes for rapid warming. Every morning we observe either grey slush, rain, or sunny but extremely cold one. Bike riders are tired of being hostages of these April Fool's spring days.

Everybody wants to feel the freshness of a spring forest or to find the slight sunray playing on a favorite trail. Taking advantage of a few days with no snow in the mountains, Michal Prokop took his new Rock Machine out for a ride. The spring is here, finally!

MENTIONS: @rockmachinebikes / @Gravitymag


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 I still remember him back in the day destroying dual slalom events. He's such a legend
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 Now he sreds e-bike.
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flag singlespeedman (Mar 14, 2021 at 7:50) (Below Threshold)
 money calls...
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 @singlespeedman: U mean “money talks”? Lol
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 He shreds everything Smile
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 @singlespeedman: Yeah, you're so right. The only reason anyone ever featured in any mtb edit on any kind of mtb is because they're forced to do this sort of thing by bribery. You can tell by the pained expression on his face as he goes through the motions of of this soul crushing sell-out task. Or maybe not? Maybe try opening your mind before you make a judgement call? Or don't, I'm not here to tell you what to do! :-)
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 @notsofastoverfifty: you see, am still waiting for a sponsored rider to address emtb in a differentiated, responsible, sustainable way. Means, don't use motorized vehicles offroad on unsanctioned / illegal trails and don't spread such bs with potential customers.
Emtb are probably fun, agree. But we need to face the fact: there's already massive traffic on unsanctioned, illegal trails and we are risking to be kicked out of the woods. Now add motorized traffic and watch things go tits up.
It's happening - everywhere and every day.
So it's up to socalled role models and the industry to stop promoting the wrong thing, unless we all want to be banned from natural trails and forced to ride stupid trail centers.
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 So rapid
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 Pay him to ride it and people will buy it. What a sad model of corporate greed
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 Which fork is it? DVO?
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 DVO Onyx SC
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