Video: Mick Hannah Carves Dusty Turns on Coronet Peak

Jan 10, 2021
by ODI Grips  

Mick Hannah has been a fixture on the World Cup circuit for as long as we can remember. After 20 years of racing, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of motivation for riding a bike. For Sik Mik, every time he throws his leg over his DH bike, his motivation is to ride up to the absolute limit of what is possible.

To achieve this, you must ride a fine line between chaos and flow where confidence is critical. Complete trust in every element is absolutely essential when finding your limits. But, when you finally get in that zone time stops and seconds feel like hours.

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 When I get in that zone time stops too!! Then I wale up from being knocked out in the crash.
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 Sic Mic is a rogue and a ruffian.
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 As far as grips go- there's ODI, and there's everything else. In 20 years of cycling, no other grips that ive had even come close in terms of combining quality and durability.
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 I bought Ergon grips for a bike of mine back in 2016 and after 5000km I still had the same grips on there, held up surprisingly well
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 Was a big fan of ODI till the Deity Supracush came along. That rubber compound is out of this world.
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 @Trudeez: or Deity Knuckledusters... the grips made for the guy who doesn't wear gloves
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 @wideopennewzealand: but when it rains those grips are horrendous without gloves.
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 @Trudeez: I'll give it a try maybe. But does it last as long as the ODI's?
I remember when i was a broke ass student and only bought cheap/mediocre grips, thinking to myself "why would anyone spend 2-3 times more on those ODI's". I would go through about 3 pairs of grips a year. One day i decided to indulge myself and bought a pair of ruffians. They're worn, but still pretty useable, after over 6 seasons of use!
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 Mik Drift! All time shredder!!!
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 Wasn't that just the same like 7 clips shown over and over?
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 Different shots, same corner?
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Then @ 0.38sec the corner drift shot is flipped - everything on the jersey is backwards.
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 they were the only shots they had where you couldn't really see the rear swingarm...
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 Yea 7 shots of the same roost.
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 I wish I could two wheel drift without crashing... Sick video though
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 A Sik Mik video that didn’t have a slow motion suicide no hander in... disappointed!!
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 That wouldn't sell grips,I guess.
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 @nozes: Odi grips: They grip you to the bars even when no-handin 'Big Grin
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 It would be awful to be a second or third rider on those dusty trails
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 I'd happily take eating dust in warm sunshine over the numb feet I got from my ride today.
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 Yawn. Lots of trail destroying roosts. And I know I’m the minority, but over roosting looks cheesy and like you don’t have anything better to show off. Looks more like an ad for poor gripping tires than decent bar grips.

Mick can do WAY better than this.
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 Love Sic Mic the legend!
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 This was worse than any iphone clip posted on instagram by the QT riders up at coronet. Doesn't show rider speed or skill at all. Fail.
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 I hope Mick never retires! Keep shredding bey!
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 Great guy. would love to see him higher in the ranks next season
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 Living legend
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 Thisnis sad.
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 Is Mick an NZ Citizen?
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 Pretty sure it was filmed last summer.
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 @floor-tom: Oh yup. Wouldn't be surprised though, he has spent a ton of time here.
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