Video: Mick Hannah Riding... Slow? Ultra Steep Rock Faces in the Queensland Jungle

Aug 26, 2020
by UR Team  

Living in Colorado for many years and racing the World Cup circuit, Mick hadn't spend a winter in Australia in a very long time. Being forced to stay there, he decided to explore and discover the jungle of Northern Queensland and find some sweet lines to ride.


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 That place looks amazing! The world needs more SickMick action
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 Mick has to do a sic "Dundee" spoof edit.
"That's not a drop, this is is a drop"...typa thingo.
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 Just watched Mick's Earthed section again last week! The real deal
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 Rad AF. Made me think of a some sections in the Hardline tracks.
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 Nice to see Mick still out there ripping. Not looking forward to the day he retires.
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 Yes Mick! All it lacked was a suicide no hander! Haha. Sweet slow paced trials stuff thrown in there. Love it.
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 my kind of riding.... a place that is rough and desolate and void of humans. The water looked like a good source for a small water pump. SickMick4thewin
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 nobody else old enough to catch the musical mudcows reference? great vids, mudcows and this one
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 Love it Mick.
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 Ah the Great Northern Hill Tribe spirit! Head into the hills and find something insane to ride, great clip Mick and UR!
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 Freeriding Mick!! Yes...more please!!
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 That was mint, pity the Karver didn't join you on this one.
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 Thanks Mick, just what the doctor ordered!
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 this edit just makes me happy and wanting to ride!
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 Yesssssss more natural stuff like this, less bike paths!
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 Go Mick!
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