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Video: Mikayla Parton Shreds her Home Trails & Tells the Story of her Introduction to Racing

Feb 21, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesA film about pro downhill mountain biker Mikayla Parton who received the Scottish Youth Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture at the Fort William Mountain Festival in 2021. Fort William Mountain Festival

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 So good to have such a great female role model for the young Scottish girls to look up to.
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 Thank you! Smile
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 @Mikaylaparton: Heck yeah, Send it this year !
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 It's always beautiful to see that when you put a lot of effort into something that it will eventually and inevitably lead to something great. Congrats on your award Mikky!
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 Aw, Thank you!! Smile
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flag likeittacky (Feb 21, 2021 at 8:44) (Below Threshold)
 So basically pedal your ass off and take unnecessary risk as a female competitor, in order to get to the top. Thus maintain that competitive edge and Glory; now that executive order is in affect for Trans Men to compete with women if implemented globally.
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 @likeittacky: what an absolute tw@
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 @likeittacky: you seriously need to reassess your life and what makes you happy. Unreal !!
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 @forkbrayker: Not about me. Its the state of affairs with this radical woke environment. Great for the young lady to achieve her status through diligence and perseverance in this sport or those of any other; but to them that praise the radical overhaul of allowing men to compete with female athletes is more of a insult to injury than myself defending the rightful position of female athletes that are being knocked out of future achievements.

I know where i stand thank you
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 @likeittacky: ok, that argument is entirely valid and definitely worth discussing, as is the drugs problem in cycling, as is the more vague accessibility problem for disadvantaged groups in cycling as a whole, as is corruption in the UCI. but those problems normally get discussed in the appropriate forums/places, and none of them directly impinge on Mikayla doing her best and promoting herself or infact have anything to do with Mikayla's video

As you can see from your negative props nobody (bar one person) so far seems to agree with the timing and placing of your comment. it is, for sure, a "drop the ball" moment for your self. you had 3 choices when you watched Mikayla's video.

1. do nothing
2. congratulate her on seeking out something she is awesome at in a dead end town and making the most of doing something a fraction of a percent that the rest of the biking world (never mind whole world) could ever hope to do.
3. post a needlessly negative comment.

you chose 3, to hijack mikaylas 5 mins (hopefuly more) of fame and that is absolutely your right in a public forum , but when your are the only one who is right and everyone else is wrong, maybe.... just maybe you were wrong to post that comment. but you know where you stand dude and thats fine. be true to yourself, just like the males born female and females born male should get a chance to be true to them selves.
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 @forkbrayker: So you bring up drugs, it should be the right without governing and, penalizing, suspending or striping individuals of achievements when using performance enhancing drugs, if they are being made to compete with individuals of the opposite sex whom are at a biological- physical advantage.Hence, wouldn't you agree if competitors choose to do so.? Shouldn't it now more than ever be fair playing field??

As for neg props you really think i give a crap? LMAO!!

3. Needless neg comment is your perception of things... "hijack the 5 min of fame from MP, Your an idiot!

Sorry i'm not buying into the twisted dysfunctional identity crises, forcing everyone to refute truth science and nature.
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 @likeittacky: you seem to have a bee in your bonnet. Dinnae keep it there for too long it's not conducive to happy living. Take it easy dude and happy riding.
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 If you don't know who this young lady is, you haven't been paying attention. She is the future of women's downhill and will be on UCI podiums in the very near future. She is also tough as nails! She had the crash of the year last year and she is right back at it. Many people would back off, she hasn't slowed down it seems. Looking forward to watching her race for years to come.
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 Absolute legend! Proper inspiration! Stoked to see more from this gal!
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 Thanks so much!
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 I love to see genuine talent and application being rewarded, not only in progress but also with recognition like this. Keep doing what you do, can't wait to see how this season unfolds.
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 I would happily consume content about life as a mountain biker in the Scottish Highlands. Enjoy Ella Connolly's tour of her home as well and wish there was more!
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 Great wee video and ambassador for Scotland. I remember meeting Mikayla and Louise at the golfie in 2018, really impressed with the attitude and skills they have. Good luck this year.
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 What in inspiration! This story sounds a lot like mine. Got a pretty late start to riding, but still working towards the goal of racing!
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 Awesome stuff Mikayla. Cutting yer teeth at fort bill is a tough ask for anybody. You'll be destined for greatness , keep at it.
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 Amazing ???????? Well done ✌????
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 Thanks!! Smile
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 Well done Mikayla , future womens world champ right there. Smash it hen....
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 Fantastic - wishing you huge success for the season. Hope we all get to see you race at Fort William in June. Good luck!
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 Excellent stuff. Congrats on the award. Also.....looks like a Session.
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 she's always ridden a session lol
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 great video, and mind set! keep it up!
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 Is 'half eight' 7:30 or 8:30?
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 It's 8:30
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 Nice one, great video!
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 Cool story. Cheers

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